Censored News: Kentucky Passed SB 8 into Law Allowing Opt-Out of COVID  Experimental Vaccines, Even During an ‘Emergency’

Other bills filed in Kentucky would bar the government from requiring any person to get a vaccine, prohibit employers from requiring a vaccine, ban discrimination against an employee who declines to get a vaccination, and prohibit colleges from requiring students to be vaccinated except for students in health care programs.


Federal Agency Says Employers Can Require Workers to Get COVID Vaccine

December 25, 2020 NewsWars 4

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidelines claiming that requiring a COVID test would not violate the Americans With Disabilities Act. This is how the COVID vaccine will be enforced: through businesses, much like how the COVID social distancing and masks measures were enforced nationwide.


Bill Gates Really Does Plan to Vaccinate Everyone in the World

May 11, 2020 James Corbett 3

Many people were maimed and killed by vaccines pushed by Gates. He now insists the world will not go back to normal until a vaccine has been developed. It is sad to realize that millions of people will be propagandized into accepting them, not realizing there likely will be massive casualties that follow.