US: Legal Analyst Says DOJ Statement that Forced Vaccines are Legal is Opinion, not Law

Peggy Hall
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Legal analyst Peggy Hall says the recent statement from the Department of Justice (DOJ) declaring that it is legal for private companies and public agencies to require employees to take vaccines is merely an opinion that eventually will be answered in a court of law. Peggy says the DOJ does not have power to mandate vaccines because it is part of the executive branch, not the legislature that creates laws. Nor is the DOJ a court. Peggy says people still have a right to an exemption, and the government and private businesses are required to accommodate those exemptions, including those based on religious conviction. -GEG

UPDATE:  Nancy Pelosi declared in a press conference on April 29, 2021 that the federal government “cannot require someone to be vaccinated.”

Link to video:


Read the DOJ document here:

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Dorothy Sheldon
Dorothy Sheldon
1 year ago

Excellent information. Very important.

1 year ago

No Govt Branch Has Authority: No part of govt, including Congress or State Legistatures have the authority to mandate anything regarding my person. Here is why: Exactly where do they get such authority? Congress persons and State Legislature persons are elected. Does this instantly give them authority over you? Not at all. If you are not permitted to do something on your own accord, by your single self; if you don’t have the right to do such things on your own, then you cannot give or transfer or vote that right into existence for anyone else. You cannot give what… Read more »

1 year ago

In other words, it matters not what a corrupt court or corrupt legislative bodies say, they don’t have that authority over my person, nor have they a Power of Attorney signed by me to act on my behalf. However, we will have to use Notice of Liability and/or Constitutional means to secure ourselves from the power hungry.