Mothers with Mask-Injured Children Get law Passed Making School Masks Optional

Kimberly Reich and Emily Peterson, Youtbe
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On May 20, 2021, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill making masks optional in schools after two mothers, Kimberly Reicks and Emily Peterson, became activists against mandatory masks for children in schools. The law also prevents businesses from requiring consumers to wear masks. The mothers tell the story about how their children became ill from wearing masks, received medical mask exemptions, and were then segregated and put behind plexiglass by school officials. Kimberly Reicks filed a lawsuit against the Ankeny School Board. The two women outlined their plan for other parents to do the same, a plan that includes organizing groups of like-minded individuals to attend school-board and city-council meetings, hold protests before the meetings if necessary, hold peaceful sit-ins at the Capitol, find Constitutional leaders in the legislature and hold freedom rallies. Their website is -GEG

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Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson
9 months ago

I can’t say enough good things about parents doing their job and protecting children. The medical complex is destroying our health across the board. Authorities now seem to have settled on depopulation as a means to stem climate change. Protect your families!

Last edited 9 months ago by Rodney Johnson
9 months ago

As my MD / GP sez’ – those things are nothing but petrie dishes.