Tucker Carlson Examines the George Floyd Case as Trial Approaches

George Floyd mural, Wiki
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Tucker Carlson examines the death of George Floyd last May as former police officer Derek Chauvin held him on the ground with his knee, a procedure that was the official policy of the Minneapolis Police Department. The case was used to stoke racial tension and riots across the country. Carlson warns that Chauvin may not receive a fair trial because hundreds of activists have shut down streets outside the courthouse and are intimidating jurors. Authorities in Minnesota withheld the police bodycam videos of events before Floyd’s death. The DailyMail in the UK published the video, which shows that, when Floyd was being arrested for passing counterfeit money in a store, he was under the influence of drugs and hysterical. The autopsy showed that he had three times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system. Fentanyl overdose causes slowed or stopped breathing , and Floyd was complaining that he could not breathe long before he was held on the ground by officer Chauvin. The autopsy revealed no evidence that he died from asphyxiation. Last year, 60% of Americans believed Floyd was murdered by the police officer, but that number now is only 36%, as facts about the case have filtered out to the public. -GEG

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2 years ago

THE REAL GEORGE FLOYD WAS DEAD 3 YEARS AGO before this incident ACCORDING TO HIS LAWYER, look it up research . I HAVE BEEN SENT 2 DOCUMENTS BY E-MAIL TO THAT EFFECT. it is available obviously, this information that was sent to various people. THESE WERE Crisis Actors Inc , autopsy showed there was another cause of death, see for yourself, if the bouncers were friends and worked in the same place. This should have an investigative journalist, and also see if someone paid off the son, to play this out . Follow the money trail.