Minneapolis: Man Killed in Militant Autonomous ‘George Floyd Square’ as City Prepares for Cop’s Trial

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Imez Wright, a 30-year old man who was previously convicted for domestic abuse and narcotics crimes, was fatally shot last Saturday following an argument near “George Floyd Square,” a four-block ‘autonomous’ area with makeshift barriers that serves as a memorial to Floyd, who died in police custody that resulted in protests and riots across the US. The site is similar to Seattle’s autonomous zone established last summer and has been plagued by crime. Police were reportedly turned away at the scene of the shooting. A BLM activist who calls herself a medic for the ‘autonomous zone’ said that she heard what sounded like “500 gunshots” Saturday night during her shift. In essence, militants are holding the city hostage, but local governing authorities have allowed it.

Officials have vowed to reopen the zone after the trial for former police officer Derek Chauvin is concluded. Last year, there were 14 non-fatal shootings that occurred between May 1 through August 31 in the area, compared with just three shootings in 2019. Residents blame gang violence, BLM activists, many of whom are from out of state, and protests as the primary cause of the unrest and crime. The National Guard has also been deployed to the city.

Gates and jury-rigged barriers enclose ‘George Floyd Square,’ a four block area from 37th to 39th Streets South and Columbus and Elliott Avenues East, that serves as a memorial in the neighborhood where Floyd died. Now a manhunt is underway in Minneapolis following the fatal shooting of a black man nearby. A BLM activist who calls herself a medic for the ‘autonomous zone‘ told the Washington Times that she heard what sounded like “500 gunshots” Saturday night during her shift.

According to the Times, as of Sunday night, no white people were allowed access to the area by local activists. The description mirrored Seattle’s autonomous zone established last summer. Pedestrians were asked to leave, with activist guards manning the gates. The zone has been plagued by crime since last year.

Neighbors told the Times, that they tried working with protesters, and asked that traffic not be disrupted. Activists allegedly responded with threats. Residents blame gang violence, BLM activists and protests as the primary cause of the unrest and crime. They added that safety concerns have caused people to move out of the neighborhood and pointed to multiple for-sale signs and empty houses nearby. Social justice-themed yard signs are common in the area with residents struggling to reconcile their beliefs with the rise in violence and decline in quality of life. Businesses have also left the area.

The shooting suspect allegedly had an argument with the victim, opened fire and then fled the scene in a cream colored Chevrolet Suburban which may have suffered “gunshot damage.”

Police spokesman John Elder said police were notified of Saturday’s shooting at about 5:45 pm and were told the victim or victims had been brought out of the autonomous zone to the edge of the intersection.

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