Minnesota: Riots and Looting Break Out after Black Man Resisting Arrest Was Shot and Killed by Police

Former Brooklyn park Officer Kim Potter, Youtube
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A White police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright as he resisted arrest. She says she mistakenly shot him with her gun when she intended to use her taser to subdue him. She has been arrested and charged with second degree manslaughter. The police chief and city manager have left office. Riots have raged since the shooting on Sunday night. -GEG

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Summary by JW Williams

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota: On Sunday, April 11, Daunte Wright, a black man, was shot during a traffic stop by a white female police officer, Kim Potter, when he escaped from handcuffs, got into his vehicle, and appeared to be reaching for something. Video shows Potter preparing to apply cuffs when Wright broke free and tried to escape. At the time of the stop, there was a warrant out for Wright’s arrest for bail violations related to a 2019 attempted aggravated robbery and ‘choking and holding a woman at gunpoint for $820,’ court papers revealed.

After Officer Potter mistook her gun for a taser and killed Wright, she resigned and was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter. Nightly rioting in Brooklyn Center began the night of the shooting. Cars were smashed, and about 20 businesses were looted and trashed, including Footlocker. The company donated $200-million dollars to Black Lives Matter causes in the past year. Last June, Nike pledged $40-million over four years to “black community organizations”. BLM has raised $10.6 billion.

Brooklyn Park Police Department headquarters was “shot up”, and officers were pelted with cans of pop and concrete blocks. Police Chief Tim Gannon resigned after facing backlash from reporters during a press briefing because he called the riot a riot. Some press members insisted there was no riot. Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey was fired for saying that Officer Potter should receive ‘due process’ following the shooting.





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He wasn’t charged with assaulting a girl that was added after he died