Washington, DC: Two Arrested after Antifa Mob Attacks Man with a Metal Baseball Bat

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Two leftists have been arrested after a violent mob attack, during which a man was hit in the head with a baseball bat one block away from the White House. Video shows a group of black bloc clad Antifa militants attacking a man who was dressed in a sport coat and khakis. One of those arrested was the subject of an open warrant and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. The other was charged with resisting arrest.

Businesses downtown boarded up their windows and storefronts, and federal officials increased security at the White House.


Demonstrations in Washington, D.C., were largely peaceful on election night, with four people arrested as many others awaited election results in Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Chief of Police Peter Newsham said Wednesday that he was “very pleased” that demonstrations near the White House were calm. He cited “a couple of minor incidents” in which a total of four people were arrested. 

One man was arrested early in the night at 16th and K streets NW for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Two others were arrested at 16th and I streets NW following an assault incident, police said. One of those men was the subject of an open warrant and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. The other was charged with resisting arrest.

Details were not released on the additional arrest.

Police could be seen detaining one man and putting him inside a police van.

A woman and two men were stabbed blocks from the White House at about 2:25 a.m. Police said the victims identified themselves as members of a far-right group that supports President Donald Trump, the Proud Boys. Police said they were unable to verify the victims’ affiliations.

The victims claimed their attackers were part of Black Lives Matter protests. News4 was not immediately able to confirm those claims. No arrests were made.

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