Evidence that Pro-Trump Demonstrators at the Capitol Were Infiltrated by Pretenders

Moment that Trump supporters tackle man trying to break window into the Capitol, from video on Twitter
During the meeting at the Capitol to certify the Electoral College votes, several hundred  swarmed the steps of the Capitol. Some of them obtained entrance to the building and posed for publicity photos. The vast majority of the demonstrators were peaceful as expected but a handful had a mission of violence and destruction of property. It is not yet known who these destroyers were but, because they were among those who carried Trump signs and banners, it was easy for the media to call them Trump supporters. No one questioned the obvious, which was that they might have been agents of Trump’s enemies carrying out a mission to throw public opinion against the President at this critical moment. Predictably, Trump supporters now are being labeled as terrorists. Meanwhile, Republicans used the chaos as an excuse to drop the electoral challenge. This event closely follows the pattern of a color revolution carried out in many nations around the world in the past few decades, led and financed by George Soros and the US Deep State. This time, it is happening in the US.

Vice President Pence certified the Electoral votes at 3:40 am. Later, President Trump announced that there will be a peaceful transition of power on January 20th. -GEG

Timeline of events on January 6, 2020:



Compilation and summary by JW Williams

Here is a video of Trump supporters calling a man trying to shatter the window ‘Antifa’ and trying to stop him. They finally pull him away from the window as the crowd cheers. He clearly was not of the same mindset as the vast majority of demonstrators. The mainstream media is ignoring this video because it unravels the narrative that Trump supporters are violent.

Watch video here:  


John Sullivan, 25, a BLM leader from Utah, and founder of Insurgence USA, was identified as he mingled among the demonstrators on Wednesday. Sullivan was arrested last July and was accused of coordinating violence against drivers in Provo, Utah, where a man was shot through his window. He was interviewed by CNN about the video he took of Ashli Babbitt lying in a pool of blood. It is unknown why he was in the Capitol but, whatever it was, it was not to support Trump.

Watch videos here:


Photos inside the Capitol featured a man with a beard, and yellow sweatshirt who some have claimed was Antifa, while others say he is a skinhead. Baked Alaska, who was at the Charlottesville event in 2017 was inside the Capitol, too. A man wearing a Camp Auschewitz sweatshirt with the word Staff on the back, appeared in photos in the Capitol supposedly as a Trump supporter. The man in the fur hat with horns was identified as Jake Angeli, known as the QAnon shaman, attended a BLM rally in Arizona in June 2020 carrying a sign that read ‘Q Sent Me’.

Photo from Congressman Louis Gohmert on Twitter

G. Edward Griffin commented that while all of this may seem confusing, one fact emerges beyond doubt: Most if not all of these weird people are agent provocateurs. They are professionals who work for governments or corporations or anyone else who will hire them to pretend to be avid supporters of whoever their employers seeks to discredit. Their mission is to publicly oppose their employers in as obnoxious or vile manner as possible so as to throw public sympathy to their employers. Once you understand there is a profession that specializes in this tactic and once you see young men in the streets of America dressed in WWII Nazi uniforms demonstrating in support of an issue you know is worthy, you will never be fooled again.




A man recorded video of chartered buses that he said were transporting Antifa – and they received a state police escort to the Capitol.

In another video, people claim that police officers opened the gates to allow people into the Capitol. They use this video to argue that nobody “stormed” the Capitol. The video does, indeed, show the police simply walking away, allowing the crowd to follow them onto the Capital grounds. However, it could be argues that they simply were too greatly outnumbered by the demonstrators to make it possible to retrain them. It could be interpreted either way.

Watch videos here:


A video on Twitter shows a police officer trying to stave off a crowd as it enters the Capital, and then retreating as the crowd pursues him.

Watch video here:  



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3 months ago

If the link will work – here is video with the Capitol policeman ushering people towards the Capitol

Gary Denese
Gary Denese
2 months ago

AGENT PROVOCATEUR’ TACTICS SEEN AT JAN 6 US CAPITOL PROTESTJoshua Philipp’s (The Epoch Times)Crossroads Interview with longtime war correspondent Michael Yon who apparently has covered over 500 protests worldwide and says that he observed Antifa members learning tactics from Hong Kong freedom protesters and then using those tactics here in the states including at the U.S Capitol on January 6th to “guide” Trump supporters into the building. He claims to have infiltrated Antifa to the point of actually being in their Portland Red House and drinking coffee with them in their Portland occupied zone encampment.

2 months ago

Bus loads of gangs were seen being dropped off there, and police were helping them get to where they could make a scene and destroy. Time for the real truth to surface, and we must take our power back for the sake of freedom. I know you agree. Thanks.