Whistleblower Sends Email That Shows Canada’s Covid-19 ‘Crisis’ is Following a Script

Justin Trudeau, Wiki
David Icke reads an email, dated October 10, 2020, written by an unidentified person who claims to be on several high-level committees of Canada’s Liberal party. He revealed a ‘roadmap’ from the Strategic Planning Committee steered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that is plan to phase in secondary lockdowns in November 2020, rush the acquisition of isolation facilities across every province by December 2020, predict the surge of new Covid-19 cases in November 2020, mandate even more strict new lockdowns in December or January, and transform the unemployment program into a Universal Basic Income program by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The roadmap includes a new virus, named Covid-21, to appear in February, 2021, leading to an even higher mortality rate. Icke says the government plans to offer UBI, which will be a pittance, in return for citizen total obedience. [That these things are actually happening in sequence and on schedule adds credibility to the authenticity of the email. By the way, we must not forget that an announced mortality rate is not necessarily the same as a true mortality rates.] -GEG 
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laurel paradiso
laurel paradiso
7 months ago

Whoa! This is what is happening now! No wonder Nancy Pelosi NOW cares about giving people the monetary help now after MONTHS of not working with Republicans & President to quickly help unemployed citizens!! They are working toward the last part, the UBI as stated in this article. SICK!!

7 months ago

Troo-dough looks like Latka Gravas from taxi. Sorry for the insult to Latka.

Rod Slagter
Rod Slagter
7 months ago

I live down the street from Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, a newly renovated hospital in Burlington Ontario Canada. When the China Virus started, this hospital immediately received additional emergency funding to build a large temporary China-Virus ward. It has NEVER been used and after a fall on Dec 26th, my father needed surgery at that hospital. There were nearly ZERO virus patients there, yet our Provincial Leader (conservative) is following Trudeau’s script to a letter. We are in near-total lockdown, with nobody I know personally ever dying or even getting sick. Looks like the actual goal is to destroy small… Read more »

6 months ago

[…] 23) Whistleblower Sends Email That Shows Canada’s Covid-19 ‘Crisis’ is Following a Scripthttps://needtoknow.news/2020/12/whistleblower-sends-email-that-shows-canadas-covid-19-crisis-is-foll…  […]