Mainstream Media Demonizes Freedom Rally in Leipzig, Germany

Man burns mask at anti-Covid lockdown protest, Youtube
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Since August, German citizens have marched every week against coronavirus policies such as lockdowns and mandated masks. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) reported that a crowd of tens of thousands demonstrated with messages of peace, prayers, and meditation. Police tried to shut down the protest because no one was wearing mask or maintaining social distancing, but the crowd was too large to handle. Gradually, the police began to side with the demonstrators. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of doctors now are speaking out against senseless and harmful coronavirus policies.

Mainstream news outlets reported that the protesters attacked journalists and that police were right-wing extremists. CHD reported, however, that Black Bloc has infiltrated the pro-freedom movement to incite violence and caste it in a bad light. Black Bloc is commonly associated with anarchist groups and Antifa. Bavaria’s state premier has requested the intelligence service to investigate the peaceful movement, characterizing it as a “growing conglomeration of right-wing extremists, Reichsbürger, anti-Semites and absurd conspiracy-theorists who accuse politics of satanism.” -GEG

Last summer when we announced that the inaugural meeting of the European chapter of Children’s Health Defense would be held in Berlin, there were serious discussions around the coming of our beloved chairman Mr. Kennedy. Was it safe to travel to Europe? What would happen in Berlin? Was it …the right time, place and people? Ask your heart, and you will know the answer. Yes, we knew, Germany would be a historic moment, something meaningful. And it was… beyond our imagination!!!

In spite of all efforts made by the Berlin city officials to cancel the event and discourage people from coming, over one million people joined from all parts of Germany and Europe in one of the biggest freedom rallies of the century. The unforgettable speech of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. echoing his uncle’s words in 1963 in a message to defend the ‘free people of Berlin’ against the threat of communism and dictatorship instantly reached tens of millions around the planet. And his warning sounded very clear. Democracy is in danger again, this pandemic is a coup d’etat and we are here together to fight for our rights”.

Every single person I’ve met In Berlin has told me the same story “As Germans we had to grow up with the shame of the nazi regime and the misery of communism. Never ever ever ever can this happen again! There is simply no way we can accept another totalitarian society. It’s a matter of life or death…

The Germans have been on the streets every Saturday since August in dozens of cities. Hundreds if not thousands of doctors completely disagree with the ‘coronameasures’. They are speaking out, supported by dozens of lawyers, scientists, artists, sportsmen, businessmen, parents. It is difficult to estimate how many people are aware of the situation in Germany, but some say it could be up to 20% of the population.

Freedom fighters marched every week with portraits of Ghandi, love messages, prayers, peace songs and meditation and week after week they have been called extremists, fascists, and violent criminals by their media and government. Black blocks infiltrated their ranks to provoke incidents, police forces tried to intimidate them. During one of the recent protests in Berlin we saw images of our good friends brutalized and arrested by ‘robocops’ while they were simply walking around in the crowd. But here they are again. Nothing will stop them.

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