Who Were the FBI Infiltrators on January 6? – Who Were the Violent Black Bloc Operatives?

Man who broke windows at Capitol who Bobby Powell believes is an FBI agent.
On January 6, after one million patriots rallied with President Trump outside the White House, and some 900 individuals went inside the US Capitol, including many who were waved in by Capitol Police. Bobby Powell, host of “The Truth is Viral” podcast, filmed video at the scene that exposed two likely FBI informants who were breaking windows and pushing people inside the doors to the US Capitol. Over 400 Trump supporters have since been arrested, yet many of the most violent and destructive operatives leading the battles against police and breaking into the US Capitol have not been arrested. Three organized groups, including Black Bloc functionaries who broke into the Capitol, green tape operatives who attacked police outside the capitol, and a group wearing orange tape and orange clothing also engaged in violence, have yet to show up in the FBI-DOJ arrest documents.

Link to video:  https://rumble.com/vio10r-real-america-dan-w-bobby-powell-june-16-2021.html

So, just how many FBI informants and infiltrators were involved in the Jan. 6 riot?

And why is the FBI refusing to look for two of the most violent protesters?

Bobby Powell the host of “The Truth is Viral” podcast was invited on OAN last week to discuss his viral video that exposed two likely FBI informants who were filmed breaking windows, attacking the building, and even pushing people inside the US Capitol.

Bobby was on the east side of the US Capitol on Jan. 6. He witnessed several men attacking the building. Bobby told OAN, “Two men I saw attacking the building, breaking windows, and even pushing people inside HAVE NOT been arrested. And they are not on the list of suspects being sought by the FBI. Now I provided the FBI with 29 minutes of high definition footage, 1080p, more than five months ago. Neither one of these men has been arrested. They are not in any of the 400+ indictments, I’ve checked them all. There’s not one frame of video not one still photograph on either of these men on the FBI’s webpage that ask people to give them tips on who the rioters were. The FBI’s YouTube channel or their Facebook page. They’re putting up all kinds of fuzzy pictures but they’re not putting up the HDI images that I sent them.”

Bobby and fellow Trump supporters then stood guard at the broken window and refused to allow fellow Trump supporters inside the building!
The police left the US Capitol open!

It was all a set-up.

Read full article here…

Additional source:   https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/fbi-infiltrators-jan-6-violent-green-tape-orange-tape-black-bloc-operatives-patriot-groups-say-not-familiar/

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3 years ago

The U.S. govt. is now “flushable.” This is in thanks to the ( D ) communist takeover.