California Judge Allows Strip Clubs to Open, Citing First Amendment – Churches Remain Shuttered

San Diego, California: Judge Joel Wohlfeil ruled that the state cannot take any action to prevent strip clubs from “being allowed to provide live adult entertainment,” and must allow them to reopen. The owners had argued their First Amendment rights were being violated, and the judge agreed. At the same time, churches in California have been locked in legal struggles with state authorities for months as churches of different denominations seek to end the limitations on indoor services. -GEG

A California judge in San Diego has ruled that the state cannot take any action to prevent strip clubs from “being allowed to provide live adult entertainment,” and must allow them to reopen. The owners had argued their First Amendment rights were being violated and the judge agreed.

Meanwhile, places of worship are making the exact same argument about their First Amendment rights and remain closed. Apparently, sinful activity has more rights than godly pursuits.

In fact, this is a case study in why lockdowns are unfair and invariably arbitrary. So far, the courts have mostly given the government a free hand in this public health crisis, but how much longer is this “state of emergency” going to be used to violate the Constitution with impunity?

Washington Free Beacon:

Religious-liberty advocates said that the case could pave the way for lifting coronavirus restrictions against churches. Paul Jonna, special counsel for the Thomas More Society, which is representing churches challenging the restrictions, expressed confidence that this decision bodes well for the churches. If strip clubs are entitled to constitutional protections, then churches are as well, he told the Free Beacon.

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keith j
keith j
12 days ago

Why isn’t there an out cry over the lack of transparency concerning the proper identification/isolation of covid19? It is my understanding that covid 19 wasn’t ever given the proper protocols concerning identification/isolation of said virus, as such was done for the swine, bird, hong kong flu viruses.

James Hilton
James Hilton
12 days ago

THEIR ADORATION OF SCIENCE IS REALLY JUST COVER FOR THEIR DEEP SEATED HATRED OF HUMANITY, AND GOD by James P. Hilton, The People’s Paramedic Strip clubs good,church services bad is a but the latest variation on the same old story coming from the science worshipping, God hating left. Last time round it was abortions that were deemed perfectly acceptable while churches, once again were shuttered. Botton line take away? This whole COVID scam is nothing but a thinly vailed power grab by a crazed cabal of eugenict megalomaniac monsters engaging in a full throttled attempt to crush God’s church. What… Read more »