Anti-American Left Exposed by Insider Who Posted Conference Calls on How to Overthrow the Government

Lisa Fithian, a planner of the overthrow of the American government, Youtube
An insider within the Sunrise Movement and other radical organizations leaked recordings of Zoom chat meetings involving ‘Shut Down DC’. Organized leftist groups, including Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and many others are planning to lay siege to the White House, shut down Congress and Washington DC, starting on Election Night. Major cities across the US also are targeted for disruption in order to overthrow the government if Donald Trump is reelected. An organizer for Momentum, a training organization, said that if he has 1000 people, he can shut down four or five highways and put a city into shackles.

Video shows a discussion about training for high risk actions and violence, including disabling vehicles and taking over government buildings. Lisa Fithian, a long-time organizer of radical groups, falsely claims that “white militias” are armed groups who shoot leftists and drive cars into protesters instead of people who are armed for defense of life and property against the leftists who are the initiators of violence. She was trained by Abby Hoffman who organized the 1968 riots at the Democrat convention. She said that, if Trump fails to concede, leftists may “talk” to Republicans to pressure him to leave office. She seemed to be referring to a list of people across America who donated to Trump that was published online to intimidate them. Another video segment shows organizing Federal employees, many of whom work in security and intelligence. They talk about weaponizing the bureaucracy to manipulate and leak information. Participants in these meetings, who must be aware their words are being recorded, are openly talking about committing treason to the United States, and they have no apparent concern about being held responsible. –GEG

Shut Down DC, Black Lives Matter, the Sunrise Movement, federal workers and government contractors are participating in a planned coup against President Trump regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election. From prominent Democrats to street action organizers they are coordinating a massive uprising ranging from peaceful protesters to rioters and agitators.

Who’s all involved and to what extent is their plan? We don’t know. But what we do know is that our insider within the Sunrise Movement and other radical organizations was able to give us recordings of Zoom chat meetings involving ‘Shut Down DC’.

They reveal a massive and ambitious plan of taking over the Whitehouse, Washington DC in general, and shutting down congress.

In one meeting they discuss training for high risk actions. In another meeting they schedule their uprising from election night through inauguration. Then, in another meeting, they organize with Federal employees many of whom work in security and intelligence.

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Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson
6 months ago

Whitney Webb reported on The Last American Vagabond that there was a simulation of US and Israeli or former Israeli intelligence on a disruption of the 2020 election that would cause Americans to doubt the results and the integrity of the election count. The result would be rioting,etc., and division in the country. Somehow these simulations often seem to end up being a precursor for the real thing. The apparent fraud going on now is just way too blatant to dismiss as normal (like finding 128K ballots, all of which voted for Biden, in Michigan). I’m thinking this looks a… Read more »