Oregon: Antifa Member Is Killed by Police After Opening Fire on Officers at Middle School

Charles Landeros, Youtube
Eugene, Oregon: Charlie Landeros was shot and killed by police when he pulled a handgun on them as they tried to take him into custody during a dispute at his daughter’s school. His daughter was in the hallway, and Landeros looked at her just before shooting at the cop. Mr. Landeros was a ‘gender-ambiguous’ person, an activist against ‘police brutality’, leader of the Antifa militant group “Red Arm”, and founder of “Community Armed Self-Defense”. He was wearing a “smash the patriarchy” shirt at the time of the shooting. His backpack was loaded with ammunition. [The school was a gun-free zone. The signs apparently didn’t work.] -GEG

Charles Landeros, 30, was fatally shot in the head by officer Steve Timm at the middle school of his daughter. At the time of the shooting, the leader of the Antifa militant group “Red Arm” and founder of “Community Armed Self-Defense” was at the middle school resisting arrest. Landeros at the time was involved in a custody dispute with his former wife. He was wearing a “smash the patriarchy” shirt at the time of the shooting.

Landeros was not only a leader in the Far-left militant group out of Eugene, Oregon, but he also was the chief firearms instructor for the organizations. The stated mission of the group is to, “defend the oppressed.” Landeros, who identified by non-gender specific pronouns, had a goal to teach and form an armed group to protect members of the LGBTQ+ communities, as well as communities of various cultural backgrounds considered “oppressed”.

The secondary goal of his “Red Army” group was the overthrow of what it sees as a fascist government and the installation of a far-left communist regime in the United States. Landeros has been involved in several violent protests around Oregon protesting things such as perceived police brutality against people of color and people who identify as LGBTQ+.

Landeros recently switched his daughter’s middle school. When Landeros’s ex-wife found out about the transfer she brought custody paperwork to the school showing she had sole control over their daughter’s schooling. When a school official notified Landeros, he was enraged and headed to the school. It is unclear why he changed his daughter’s school.

School officials asked Landeros to leave the property when he refused to leave the grounds the school staff called a resource officer. Officer Steve Timm responded to the call and once again requested Landeros to leave immediately or face arrest for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He still refused to leave, so Officer Timm called Officer Aaron Johns for back up. The two officers tried to get Landeros out of the school, but Landeros became combative.

It was at this point where the officers informed the member of Antifa that he was under arrest. Landeros pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired two shots at the officers. Officer Johns tried to wrestle the gun away from Landeros. When the two hit the floor struggling for the firearm Officer Timm fired the fatal shot to the head of Landeros killing him instantly.

Police released the body cam footage to calm unrest in the Antifa community. The footage seems to show that Officer Timm was left with no choice other than shoot Landeros to protect the other officer. It doesn’t give a clear reason why Landeros would pull his gun and provides evidence that the officers were not overly physical with an individual trespassing on school grounds.

Lane County District Attorney, Patty Perlow, said that the officers acted correctly and that the use of force was justified.

“There was no clearer circumstance that the use of deadly force is justified than this,” Perlow said.

In an unfortunate circumstance, Landeros daughter was in the hallway when Officer Timm was forced to shoot her father. The timing of his daughter walking down the hall appears to be just a coincidence. There would have been no way of Landeros knowing his daughter would be in the hallway, but he did see his daughter before shooting at officers, a fact not lost on the DA.

“It is unknown why Charles Landeros chose to use deadly force in this circumstance, but he clearly had no regard for the lives of the police officers or the students or staff present, including his child,” said Perlow. “Officer Timm saved the life of Officer Johns, himself and perhaps many others given the number of rounds Charles Landeros had loaded in his weapon.”

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I don’t agree with this guys politics or believe he was a sane person, but it looks like he tried to leave and they were going to arrest him for trying to leave. Additionally it sounds like he was hit by multiple gunshots before a head shot because you can hear him screaming, seemingly in pain, through those shots. If it is a crime to bring the firearm to the school then he definitely got the situation he bargained for, and he pulled his pistol to boot.

SS-The Independent
SS-The Independent

” If it’s a crime to bring the firearm to the school then…”…Are you on drugs, or what ? After many ‘ school shootings ‘ ( or false flag operations, against 2nd Amendment ),you must be crazy/stupid ( or a provocateur…paid ?) to go at your daughter school ( or any school ) armed and argue with the police, after you are told to leave the premise…

Giovanni Pincoletti
Giovanni Pincoletti

Do I detect a note of hypocrisy in this article? Landeros was obviously a proponent of the Second Amendment, a cause which is favored by the right. But, this article appears to be negative about Landeros arming himself because he belongs to Antifa. Mr. Griffin’s constant railing against Antifa, a group which embraces violence and guns would seem to be an ally of his right wing causes. But, because Antifa is associated with the “left,” his arguments are at odds of what Mr. Griffin believes. It is OK for his side to expound guns and individuals arming themselves, but if… Read more »

SS-The Independent
SS-The Independent

Where ?…does ‘ civil war ‘ ring any bell to you ?…

Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas

“NO” parent should be bringing a gun into a school. This A.H. had more problems than being an anti-duh member.

Nick Price
Nick Price

Good riddance…