Chinese Ambassador Accuses US and EU Leaders of ‘Genocide Policy’ Against Whites

Dr Zhao Yongchen, Twitter
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China’s Ambassador to Grenada, Dr. Zhao Yongchen, responded to claims by a US national security adviser that China country is “committing genocide” against the exploding Muslim Uyghur population by suggesting that US and European leaders could be pursuing a “genocide policy” against their own populations. He wrote, “In Europe and America, the birth rate of whites has fallen very seriously. Is this the result of the genocide policy pursued by their leaders?” Whites are projected to be a minority anywhere from 2030 to 2050. -GEG

China’s Ambassador to Grenada, Dr Zhao Yongchen, on Tuesday pushed back against claims his country is “committing genocide” against the exploding Uyghur population by accusing US and European leaders of pursuing a “genocide policy” against their own populations.

On Friday, U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien told the Aspen Institute that “something close to” genocide was happening to Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region.

Ambassador Yongchen responded on Twitter, writing: “In Europe and America, the birth rate of whites has fallen very seriously. Is this the result of the genocide policy pursued by their leaders?”

He continued: “The Uyghur population in Xinjiang has exploded, but the Chinese govt has been accused of committing genocide by conspirators. Nosense! [sic]”


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11 months ago

That is actually a TRUE/FACTUAL statement!! In the EU, they’re bringing in millions of mooooooslins to murder/enslave whites. (with the added help of the Burn Loot Murder Mob). Then we have the US with ‘being white is BAD’/’white guilt’/’reparations’. We have what they have been teaching children in SKOOL (which, only has come to light, as of late); plus we have government policies, such as ‘Affirmative Action’, which rewards those who FAIL to ACHIEVE, yet are put at the front of the line ahead of whites & asians. We also have the Burn Loot Murder Mob. And I can keep… Read more »

MJ Raichyk, PhD
MJ Raichyk, PhD
11 months ago

So if the Chinese force their OWN people to LIMIT their reproduction to stay within what their resources can provide, that’s not genocide…
and the world in shocked but recognizes the need to be able to provide and feed

if the Chinese apply LIMITS on reproduction to the Muslims with an exploding population in their midst, then that’s genocide…..??

eh? It seems the Ambassador VALIDLY points to what the west is doing that looks like RACIAL SUICIDE with precisely the same TROUBLESOME, JIHADI BEHEADERS…… oy, truth from China for clear eyes to think on…… ttyl