Lauren Southern’s Documentary, Farmlands, Explores White Genocide and the Brewing Civil War in South Africa


Lauren Southern traveled to South Africa and produced a documentary, Farmlands, to investigate tales of gruesome murders of white farmers that the leftist communist government and mainstream media consider a “non-issue”, and the possibility of a civil war.

Summary by JW Williams

In this film, Lauren Southern examines the case of reported atrocities against white farmers and begins by giving a short history of European settlers, the Dutch East India Trading Company (aka VOC), who arrived in 1652. They purchased Cape Town in 1671 from the the natives of the area, the Khoisan people, formerly known as Hottentots. Because many of the children of the Europeans were born into indentured servitude, they decided to leave and began the Great Trek in 1836 into the interior to become farmers, known as Afrikaners.
Meanwhile, further north, black Bantu tribes fought each other in a war in 1817, led by a king, Shaka Zulu, and an estimated 1 – 2 million Bantu were massacred. Bantu tribes migrated south and encountered the Afrikaners. The Bohr advancement across the country was mostly peaceful and they bought the land, but the Bantu tribes fought ceaselessly, killing black, white, and Koi. IN 1910, following the surrender of the Bohr to the British, South Africa was formed, uniting colonies as one legislative union.
In 1948, apartheid (separateness) was enforced with bans on mixed marriages, and the Population Registration Act required people to register as black, white, colored or Indian. Many descendants of Bantu tribes were moved to Bantustand areas- black tribal homelands. Apartheid became the focus of global resistance and the minority white ruling party began a brutal crackdown that led to more support for removing apartheid and radicalized anti-apartheid activists.


In 1961, Nelson Mandela co-founded the Spear of Nation (MK), the armed wing of the communist ANC party that rules country today. The MK announced its existence with 57 bombings in one day. Mandela went to prison and resistance to apartheid became more radical.


In 1991, the ruling white National Party released Mandela and ended apartheid. Three years later, Mandela became president and the ANC party won the majority vote. The land issue is an argument over who owns the land of the white farmers.


Currently, the country is in chaos. White farmers are being attacked, subjected to extreme torture and killed daily across the country. From 2012 to 2016, violence has increased by 72% and the government tries to cover it up. The murders are horrific and brutal. In one case, a woman’s father was executed and the black perpetrators were caught and sentenced to only 15 years, but she said they will be out in 6 years. The police are of little help.


The government has implemented the ‘Black Economic Empowerment’ policy to coerce utilities to reduce the number of white workers to reflect racial make up of country- no more than 8% of white workers, which has led to a reduction in engineers and technicians, adding to water crisis that is killing farms.  Louis, a farmer, said that the government is trying to break whites through fuel and property taxes because they want the farmers starving or dead. Ironically, South Africa is dependent on white farmers for food and the angora goat industry contributes to the economy.


The economy is imploding with unemployment between 38% to 50%, a drop in the value of the currency, and a tax base of only 3.1 million people, while 16 million are on welfare (the population of SA is 56 million).


White squatter camps are popping up across the country as whites have been forced out of the labor pool and the government refuses to help poor whites. Black groups are anxious to take the land from white farmers and they advocate for violence as they use a false narrative that whites stole the land. A race-based civil war is percolating beneath the surface. a woman reported that it costs about $300,000 to leave the country and live somewhere else.


The government is openly calling for the expropriation of white farmers’ land, without compensation, and killing whites.



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Lauren Southern’s Documentary, Farmlands, Explores White Genocide and the Brewing Civil War in South Africa

[…] Lauren Southern traveled to South Africa and produced a documentary, Farmlands, to investigate tales of gruesome murders of white farmers that the leftist communist government and mainstream media consider a “non-issue”, and the possibility of a civil war. […] […]


This has been going on since the early 90’s and the ‘end of apartheid’, this mass rape and slaughter of not only White Farmers but the destruction of food production. I had friends there then, and Saint Mandella was openly calling for violence and the theft of land from White farmers. Many had all of the people who worked the farms also living there, supported, and educated, by these farms which not only fed their country but exported a great deal too. After these simple savages took what they claimed was stolen from them, they couldn’t grow enough to feed… Read more »


The blacks will kill their food source, even though some are aware that killing whites = starvation. Some remember Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe that resulted in starvation. Their hatred is strong due to years of propaganda and IQ issues, but white genocide will lead to their own destruction. Why are the elites doing this?