Oakland, California: BLM and Antifa Marched through Streets Chanting ‘Death to America’

Rioters in Oakland, Youtube
On Saturday night, Black Lives Matter and Antifa marched down the streets of Oakland chanting “Death to America” to the sound of smashing glass, openly proclaiming they want to destroy America. Rocks, bottles, lasers & shields were used to assault officers. Last week, a rioter in Kenosha was also caught on camera screaming the phrase while burning an American flag. “Death to America” also is a popular chant among Islamic terrorists. -GEG

100+ people took part in tonight’s protest. Rocks, bottles, lasers & shields were used to assault officers. 1 officer injured. OPD deployed minimal gas & smoke, half a dozen arrests made. Officers confiscated shields. OPD continues our efforts to protect our vulnerable community.

A rioter in Kenosha was also caught on camera screaming the phrase last week while burning an American flag.

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7 months ago

“Death to America” is used as an official logo of the “Democratic” party – http://cdn01.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/kamala-dnc/kamala-harris-makes-history-accepting-vp-nom-dnc-02.jpg

Depose Debauched Despots
Depose Debauched Despots
7 months ago

antifa/blm terrorists, rapists, looters, pillagers, plunderers, thugs, etc., et al are lined up like ducks-in-a-row at a shooting gallery when they march menacingly. If all armed neighbors took positions in shooter’s perches above the rioting mob for fun target practice, some targets won’t return for their next anti-US riot and mobbing.
Their ‘freedom of expression’ is deliberately targeting & victimizing all. Unacceptable!