Joe Biden’s Plan for America Is So Bad, It Must Be Viewed as a Political Trick

Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s presidential goals were written by former Attorney General Eric Holder, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, and other Communist-minded players in the federal government. [Their plan is so outrageously bad (let Tucker Carson explain it to you in the accompanying video) that it surely falls into the category of what is called the Hegelian Dialectic. That is the process of achieving a goal against opposition in a three-step strategy described as thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. In political practice, the thesis is deliberately so extreme that most people will be repelled and frightened by it. This causes an extreme push back, which is the antithesis. The conflict that ensues is unpleasant and frightening in itself, leading to the perceived virtue of a compromise, which is the half-way point to the original extreme demand. This compromise is the synthesis. The synthesis would have been rejected if presented as the original goal but, as a compromise, it is accepted as a victory or, at the least, a political necessity. When the synthesis is established, the process begins again with a new thesis of extreme demands, a new antithesis, and a new synthesis that, once again, is a compromise even further away from the old status quo. The process is repeated as often as necessary until the original goals (or worse) become a reality through compromise.This strategy was advocated by Karl Marx and has been a standard part of all Communist ‘Proletarian Revolutions’. including the one underway in America today.] -GEG

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neil sutherland
neil sutherland
3 months ago

the ‘new normal’, but it has to overthrow the US Constitution, and 50 states, facts, self-interest, knowledge of commi failure everywhere it’s been, unpayable debt, plus win an election in 3-4 months. geography, trump wins South, Rural/Farm/’Fly-over’, Rust Belt /Blue Collar, issues economy and law and order and endless wars, demographic, all Christian (evangelical, catholic, latino), military /vets, police, farmers, suburbs, blue collar, which also means high turnout.

3 months ago

I hate to do broad brushes, but I am so embarrassed at how cowardly white people have become. You dishonor the patriots of the past, by not standing up for Trump. I’m black.

3 months ago

Biden is running in name only….Obama is running incognito. Could Obama run as VP? He then can be president again without a campaign if Biden has an accident…..just a thought. God help us!

john nolan
john nolan
2 months ago

TRUMP in 2020. Trump all the way.
Forget about biden.