G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve – and What Happens Next to Money

G. Edward Griffin re-tells the story of how and why the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 at a secret meeting on Jekyll Island. He explains how money is created and how the present system is destroying the purchasing power of money through a process called inflation. He explains why there is no hope of stopping this process until a significant segment of the population (perhaps 15%) understands the scam and pushes back politically. In the meantime, people will accept any insult to their liberties in order to survive, which is the reason why one crisis after another is scientifically engineered. Confusion and fear is the secret weapon of tyrants. -GEG

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Minneapolis Police Warn People to Obey Criminals Amid Crime Surge

August 3, 2020 RT 0

Minneapolis Police Department issued some tips for residents to limit their risk of robbery that includes “be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet” to robbers, “do not walk alone,” and avoid fighting with criminals, “Do what they say. Your safety is most important.”


Detroit Police Chief Explains How He Has Prevented Riots

July 31, 2020 Fox News 2

Police Chief James Craig says his city kept the peace because they decided at the beginning that “We weren’t giving up ground to the radicals.” He credited the residents of the city, who he said stood with the police. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has supported the city’s police department.


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23 days ago

Love the “Red Pill” in every County. Wonderful. Thank you.

23 days ago

And the VALUE of the dollar is about .01 cent. Not kidding. At the turn of the PREVIOUS century, a person could take a $20 gold certificate ( $20 bill marked “gold certificate” ), take it into ANY bank and trade it for a $20 gold coin / ‘gold piece.’ Back then the full faith of the U.S. govt. was backing up it’s currency. Try and do that TODAY. It would take over $1,800 ( paper money ) to buy that same gold coin ! ! A U.S. silver dollar – $1 = $22 in paper money. Today’s dollar ?… Read more »

22 days ago
Reply to  Ed

I know, when I was a child, my mother could fill the station wagon with groceries for $20. Since 1973, when they got rid of all gold backing, we have had inflation ever since, and the media likes to say it is because of “consumer spending”.

22 days ago

This is also why cryptocurrency is just worthless fiat money.