Tucker Carlson Excoriates Weak Leaders Who Allowed Our Cities to Burn

Tucker Carlson excoriated local mayors, governors, and President Trump for failing to take action to stop the riots and looting. In many cases, leadership sided with the destroyers. American citizens now are left to defend themselves. Trump has threatened to deploy US troops in states where local leaders refuse to take action.

This report includes an eye-opening collection of videos showing incredible violence and police failure to act. We congratulate Tucker for his indignation and call to action, but it is disappointing and frustrating that neither he nor anyone else sees what is right in our faces: The police stand down is not weakness but part of the plan to encourage sufficient violence and chaos to justify martial law, which is the end game for the globalist planners.

Calling for stronger police and/or military response is exactly what the enemies of America want. Rather than calling for martial law, why don’t commentators and the President himself call for putting the organizers of these riots into prison NOW? Why do they never discuss who is funding and busing and training these rioters. Can’t people see that they are professionals, not protesters? The source of funding and strategy is George Soros and the Deep State itself. Why does Trump say: ‘Poor Mr. Soros. Leave him alone. He has enough problems as it is” – An exact quote taken from one of his campaign rallies prior to his election. Wake up! Stop calling for martial law and start calling for striking at the root of the problem. There probably are less than fifty top organizers involved in all of this tragedy. Lock them up, stop the funding, and the street theater will close. -GEG

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No one has done a proper study for a novel, never-seen-before virus, and it will never be attempted because it would destroy the theory that one virus is causing a pandemic. A few people at the top know the truth, but the cult operates on blind faith.

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The State’s Medical Practice Board accused Dr. Jensen of ‘providing reckless advice’ on a news program by comparing COVID-19 to the ordinary flu. [Dr. Jensen is correct, of course, and If this goes to court, there is a good chance he will prove his case. Our guess, therefore, is that it will never go to court.]


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Rockland County officials issued subpoenas to eight people allegedly infected by the coronavirus to compel them to speak with contact tracers about contracting the COVID-19 disease at a party last month. Patricia Rupert, the county’s health commissioner, said, “Failure to comply will be costly: $2,000 per day.”


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1 month ago

Please do a show on how our police are trained. Does another country come here and do it or are our police sent abroad, and if so, what is the country???

R Cutter
R Cutter
1 month ago

There are fusion centers in every city. They have every phone call, email and text collated and tagged with meta-data. They know exactly who is behind what, but this is now a global event. They are going to try to flip the planet in memory of a lifelong criminal. They’re howling at the tragic irony.