Peggy Hall, a California Educator, Shows Why COVID Lockdown Is Unlawful

Peggy Hall, a community-college health professor, says a federal law relegates authority over health and welfare to the most local political entity in question. Local agencies have the responsibility and the authority to safeguard public health. The governor can declare a state of emergency only in response to natural disasters and epidemics. Furthermore, the threat must be of such magnitude that adequate response is beyond the ability of any single county or city.

She explains that, according to the law, an epidemic is defined as a a disease rate above the normal. Since the COVID-19 death rate is only one-third the normal death rate for seasonal flu, it does not have a disease rate above the normal. Therefore, California does not have an epidemic, and a declaration of lockdown is in violation of California law. [Does anyone in government care about laws when they stand in the way of power and wealth?] -GEG

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10 months ago

Summary: The law enforcers are the law breakers. So true! The problem with this kind of analysis is that it’s coming from the WRONG PERSPECTIVE. You can’t understand the actions of SOCIOPATHS and PSYCHOPATHS when you analyze them in terms of a HEALTHY STATE OF MIND (like this article does). You need to change your thinking to that of a PSYCHO. It’s ONLY THEN that you can understand what’s going on. The PSYCHOS in PUBLIC OFFICE today are there because they were PLANTED THERE by the OLIGARCHY that rules the world. They planted them there for times like these. If… Read more »

7 months ago

Great little article! But to say that Peggy Hall is a community college health professor is like saying that Florence Nightingale’s profession was “statistician” (which is what it’s listed as, on wikipedia!). If you want to fight the globalists, but have no idea how to do so, check out her organization’s web site at She is witty, powerful, awesome, & *effective*! Check THIS out, for starters:
Go, Peggy, go!