Europe Rising Against Pandemic Scam


This is a compilation of three videos from London and Berlin recorded on August 29, 2020. Massive and enthusiastic crowds assemble to show their disgust with and defiance of the pandemic scam. Out of tens of thousands, you will see only one person with a mask. David Icke and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. deliver rousing speeches to the wild cheers from what appears to be the beginning of a global groundswell of resistance against insanity and corruption in high places. Those who think they are alone in their suspicions of hidden agendas behind the pandemic theater will be encouraged by these scenes. – Source: Red Pill University

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DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Says White Supremacists Are Biggest Threat to US

September 25, 2020 Reuters 0

Last week, FBI Director Chris Wray testified before Congress that his agency looks at Antifa as an ideology or movement, not an organization. Just about everyone in the country except the FBI knows this is not true. The FBI is protecting Antifa, allowing it to create chaos and terror throughout the nation.


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Raymond Eaton
Raymond Eaton
22 days ago

The world has been lied to. Liars beware. I see the video has been blocked. Enough said.

Charlotte Krook
Charlotte Krook
22 days ago

YES! ENCOURAGED is the word : these two great persons gave voice to millions of people – who think they are alone questioning this biosecurity plandemic theatre, this COVertly ImplementeD 1984….NEED TO KNOW is immensely appreciated and urgently needed – Love and Blessings from Sweden! (Where the media has been completely silent about these historic speeches and peaceful/powerful gatherings…)

terry shead
terry shead
22 days ago

You can never get away from the truth, David and Robert are spelling this out, good on them, wake up people.

Depose Debauched Despots
Depose Debauched Despots
21 days ago

I’m in Spain. Criminals-in-charge here claim 162,000 new covid-19 illnesses for August; an average of 5,500 daily. Mostly asymptomatic, but also some contagious. Residents here don’t buy the criminals’ propaganda. TV news has daily and even updates at various hours of videos of protesters against the COVID MONSTERS’ plandemic. Protests are anti-mask, anti-killing Spain’s economy, and anti-lockdown. Protesters’ calls are pro FREEDOM and Self Determination. Spain’s “mask police” roam streets and beaches for unmasked people to fine them 200 to 6000 euros. TV news shows them confronting people. Police do the same at car traffic checkpoints/stops. COVID MONSTERS’ bio drones… Read more »

Helen Daniels
Helen Daniels
17 days ago

Bravo David icke. And of course my favourite, Bobby Kennedy Jr. HE will vindicate his father and uncle, cut down in their prime by the evil government fascists.

Kate Cahill
Kate Cahill
13 days ago

I have been following Mr. Griffin, Mr. Icke, and Mr. Kennedy for a decade+ and am in total agreement with their analyses of current events. I am presently under the tyrannical despot, Gretchen WHitler, in Michigan USA, truly the most satanically psychosociopathic governor in America!!! However, I am not in compliance, only defiance, to the point where I was thrown out of Detroit City Hall for failure to wear “the mask”!!! No regrets!!! WWG1WGA … this is universal and apparently those Bilderberg Meetings were quite diabolical in planning their egregious schemes and scamdemics!!! Time to sharpen up Madame Guillotine and… Read more »