California Punishes Doctor who Wrote Vaccine Exemption for 2-Year Old Boy

July 4, 2018 LA Times 4

The Medical Board of California has suspended Dr. Robert Sears, a pediatrician who gave a vaccine exemption to a 2-year old boy after his mother reported that previous immunizations made the boy’s body limp, and caused him to lose urinary functions. The case is setting a precedent for doctors who choose not to follow the state’s strict vaccine schedules. […]


As California Goes, So Goes the Nation – Agenda 21 and the 5G Weapons System

June 7, 2018 Grindall61 0

Gavin Newsom is expected to become the next Governor of California, which is the most populous state in the US with almost 40 million people, and often sets trends for the rest of the country.  Newsom is a globalist who plans to follow the United Nations’ Agenda 21 scheme that will plunge California deeper into tyranny with policies that include: getting rid of cars, expansion of mass transit trains and buses, and housing built near transit rails.  Newsom’s futuristic plans are dependent upon the 5G weapons system that is being prepared for rollout.  […]


Middle Class Squeezed Out as California Economy Falls

May 15, 2018 Fox News 2

Victor Davis Hanson says that the economic distribution in California is Medieval because wealthy people on the coast, who make policy decisions, are not subject to the ramifications of their own ideologies, laws, and regulations that are imposed on the rest of the population. Because of this, an estimated four to five-million people from the middle class have left the state, replaced by illegal aliens from Mexico. [This cannot end well.] […]


California Proposes Trading A President’s Day for May Day, Traditionally A Day to Celebrate Communism

May 14, 2018 Daily Caller 1

California Democrat Assemblyman, Miguel Santiago, introduced a bill proposing to allow schools to replace Washington’s Birthday or Lincoln’s Birthday with “International Workers’ Day”, better known as “May Day”. This has become universally recognized as an annual holiday to celebrate Communism. Although the bill was rejected (this time), 45% of the legislators present voted for it. […]


California First State to Force Homebuilders to Include Solar Panels on New Homes

May 11, 2018 Breitbart 0

The California Energy Commission is forcing homebuilders to include solar panels in new construction, which will take full effect in two years and will help the state meet its Agenda 21 goal of supplying 50% of its electricity with solar by 2030. Low cost housing is already in short supply, and the mandate will add as much as $12,000 to the cost of a new home. More than 30% of people in the state’s metro areas cannot afford housing in their area, and in some areas it is higher than 60%. […]


Referendum to Split California into 3 States May Appear on November Ballot

April 13, 2018 RT 2

Tech billionaire and venture capitalist, Tim Draper, has gathered enough votes to trigger a referendum on splitting California into three separate states that include Northern California, which would include San Francisco and Sacramento; Southern California, including San Diego, San Bernardino, and the Mojave Desert; and California, a sliver of coastline taking in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. California has almost 40 million residents, and a GDP of $2.75 trillion. […]


California: 100,000 High Schools Students Are Pre-Registered to Vote

April 12, 2018 VC Star 0

The program automatically activates the teen’s registration at age 18. There has been a 10% increase in registration since the Parkland High School shooting. Young people often lean left: 43% of the pre-registered teens chose not to be affiliated with a party, 38% chose Democrat and only 10% chose the Republican party. […]


Astonishing California Bill Proposes to Shut Down Free Speech

April 10, 2018 Jon Rappoport 0

California: Bill SB 1424 requires all social media and internet websites that have physical presence in the state to verify news stories that are shared on their websites using fact checkers. The goal of the bill is to silence critics of official narratives. California State Senator Richard Pan, who was behind the infamous mandatory vaccine bill of 2015, is introducing this legislation. […]


SoCal Sheriff Rejects Sanctuary State Laws, Posts Inmates’ Release Dates to Assist ICE

March 28, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

Orange County, just south of Los Angeles, is a pocket of conservatism in a deep blue state, and local citizens are pushing back against California’s sanctuary state laws that severely limit cooperation with federal immigration officials. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced it will publicly post when inmates are released from custody. The information will apply to all inmates although it is intended to assist ICE agents to pick up those with criminal records as they are released. […]


California: Small Cities in Orange County Opting Out of Sanctuary State Laws

March 27, 2018 KTLA 2

The mayor of Aliso Viejo, California is joining leaders of other cities looking to opt out of the state’s “sanctuary” law, which allows for less cooperation on the local level with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.  The Los Alamitos City Council is the first city to opt out of the unconstitutional law, which was met with overwhelming support of about 50 to 1.  The ACLU is threatening to sue the city if they fail to comply with state law. […]