Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

bill Gates, Youtube
Are the rumors true that Bill Gates is funding vaccine programs, not to reduce deaths but to reduce births? And is it true that his philanthropic projects have been doing this by disguising their anti-fertility vaccines as anti-disease vaccines so the women receiving the shots become sterilized without their consent? The answer is a resounding yes and, as you will see in this documentary, the proof is not even hard to find. This documentary begins by showing the history of Gates’ life-long compulsion to reduce the human population and then shows how the vaccine technologies he has funded for that purpose now are being deployed to identify and track every human on the planet.This is not for health purposes but for economic, social, and political control. James Corbett, as usual, has done an excellent job documenting and analyzing the facts.


Episode 379 – Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

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Loxie Lou Davie
Loxie Lou Davie
7 months ago

CYRUS A. PARSA is TRYING to bring attention to the real threat A.I. is posing for humanity….Bill Gates is an undercog in that Big Wheel. The book is: “Artificial Intelligence Danger to Humanity”

7 months ago

Illuminati member George Orwell wrote about the type of society we are becoming in 1949 in his book “1984”. It is truly frightening.

7 months ago

Uh, “Billy-Boi”, who made you God? HING – The job is already taken and frankly you are no good at it. Your “population control” has already included the killing of 1,575,830,130 babies and counting since Roe v Wade worldwide. US numbers alone for that same period are 61,969,852 and growing. You can check the current numbers yourself at “”.