Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

May 20, 2020 James Corbett 3

Bill Gate has had a life-long compulsion to reduce the human population and the vaccine technologies he has funded for that purpose now are being deployed to identify and track every human on the planet.This is not for health purposes but for economic, social, and political control.


Berkeley City Council Rings in Agenda 21, Declaring ‘Climate Emergency’ and Call for Population Control

June 14, 2018 Daily Caller 5

The Berkeley City Council unanimously voted in a plan for climate regulations and put on record their desire to “humanely stabilize population”, a euphemism for depopulation, which is the ultimate goal of Agenda 21. The city urges surrounding municipalities and the state of California to buy into its hysteria and to impose harsh regulations that will affect energy, building, the electricity grid and transportation.


Egyptian Government Sees Population ​Growth as ‘Catastrophic’

December 22, 2017 Breitbart 0

Egypt is the Arab world’s most populous country, with 96 million inhabitants, which is expected to reach 119 million in 2030. Egypt is mostly uninhabitable desert, so people are concentrated near the Nile. Many ​Egyptians view children as caretakers for their parents in old age. Poor families view children as sources of income. The standard of living is declining,​ and the government is promoting the slogan “two is enough.”


5 Reasons David Rockefeller Was Not Liked. Envy Of Wealth Is Not One Of Them.

David Rockefeller, the last grandson of JD Rockefeller, died on Sunday March 19th at age 101. Mainstream media has hailed him as a philanthropist and visionary, but the programs he set in motion do not support that image. Instead, his life work has produced monopolies, cartels, and private societies to promote population control and global government based on the model of collectivism.