Jewish Activists Shut Down Border Patrol Facility In San Diego, Demand Illegals Be Given Flu Shots

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Jewish activists from the group “Never Again Action” shut down a San Diego Border Patrol facility to demand illegal aliens detained there be given flu shots. It has been reported that several children in the facility recently have died, although the cause of death may have been from causes other than the flu. Many children are very ill when they arrive, and there are many other possible causes, such as infections and malnutrition. [It is ironic that these demonstrators are unaware that there is growing evidence that vaccines of all kinds, including flue shots, cause more harm than good.] -GEG

Is this a “protest” or a guerrilla lobbying campaign for Big Pharma?

On Tuesday, Jewish activists from the group “Never Again Action” shut down a Border Patrol facility to demand illegal aliens be given free flu vaccines.

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BREAKING: Doctors, Jews & allies are risking arrest, blocking Border Patrol HQ in San Diego.

We’re here to demand that CBP allow doctors in to give FREE flu vaccines to immigrants who are getting sick and DYING in their custody.

Donate to the bail fund: 

Never Again Action says on their website their mission is to “shut down ICE.”

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How about demanding the illegal invaders be barred from entry, period?