California Bishop Warns Catholics Not to Take COVID Vaccine Connected in Any Way to Aborted Babies

Bishop Joseph Brennan, Youtube

Fresno, California: Bishop Joseph Brennan warned against taking a vaccine that was developed, produced, tested or has any link to aborted babies whose lives were taken. The bishop stated, “I won’t be able to take a vaccine. I just won’t … and I encourage you not to, if it was developed with material from stem cells that are derived from a baby that was aborted, or material that was cast off from artificial insemination of a human embryo. It’s morally unacceptable for us.”  Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas advised all people who believe in the sanctity of life to reject vaccines made with aborted fetal cells.

The Catholic bishop of Fresno has reaffirmed the immorality of all vaccines, including COVID vaccines, that at any stage of production have any involvement with aborted babies, calling on Catholics to follow his lead and refuse to take such vaccines.

Bishop Joseph V. Brennan issued his message on the diocesan website via a video titled “A message on the COVID-19 Vaccine.”

Bishop Brennan prefaced the video with the words “I’m going to rain on a parade with this message, it’s the vaccine parade.” He clarified that the Church is not against vaccines per se, but that “we must always and only pursue vaccines that are ethical and morally acceptable.”

The bishop highlighted the “global effort” currently underway to produce a COVID-19 vaccine, but also noted that there are moral concerns regarding the various vaccines, which is his duty as a bishop to expose.

“As your bishop, as a teacher, as a believer in the ultimate value of life and how that forms and fashions our conscience and our choices, there are some very serious problems with a number of the vaccines, including the Pfizer vaccine,” he said.

Bishop Brennan continued, “If material has been used that is unacceptable on a moral level in any stage of the process for the development of a vaccine, that is from design … the testing … the production … any stage, anything in between, if it’s using objectionable material, we can’t use it, we can’t avail ourselves of it.”

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6 months ago

I won’t take any of those vaccines. I’m hoping for a plant based vaccine, one such US company is iBio Inc.

6 months ago

HEK-293 and MRC-5 are the two immortal aborted fetal cell lines that I had read about – being in all the COVID-19 vaccines. I looked further and there is no disclosure
regarding this – meaning, I suspect it’s being hidden from the public knowledge. You may have to really research the ingredients and how the ingredients are made. What a nightmare of deception by big pharma and legacy media. If they restored liability for vaccine damage and required informed consent, the vaccines may actually improve and be less controversial.

Chris Steiner
Chris Steiner
6 months ago
Reply to  Jim

The COVID-19 Vaccine, ChAd0x1-S, also known as AZD1222, is from University of Oxford and AstraZeneca and has MRC-5 (Medical Research council cell strain 5), a diploid human cell culture line:

Cindy N
Cindy N
6 months ago

Thank you Bishop Brennan for your clarity in this matter. I was stunned at how quickly some argued that the culpability of a person receiving a vaccine is far removed from the how it was obtained that there is no sin in it. What happened to the means do not justify the ends? Even if the vaccine saves lives, it is rooted in the destruction of life.

6 months ago

Informed Consent. Make them tell you what’s in the vaccine, what the efficacy rate is, what are the side effects, etc., before you consent to let them give it to you.