Politicians Attempt to Use Mass Shootings to Win Votes While Ignoring Deeper Issues

Democrat campaign. Pixabay
Tucker Carlson comments on Democrat presidential candidates using recent shootings to condemn Donald Trump, “white supremacy”, and guns. They ignore deeper problems such as a decaying culture that lacks purpose. Young men now exist without communities, no fathers, no mentors, no instruction in useful trades, no productive activities, no opportunities for love and affection, and no way out. Suicide rates are the highest ever measured, millions are dependent on drugs, and 15% of millennials still live at home with their parents. Less than half of those between 25 and 34 are married, and a high proportion are not in any relationship at all.They feel helpless, miserable and alone. The American culture has been killed by its enemies.

70% of mass shooters show signs of mental illness. A former FBI profiler suggests that involuntary celibacy also is a contributing factor. [We are disappointed that this FBI expert makes no mention that almost all mass shooters are on prescription psychoactive drugs at the time of their rampages. These drugs carry warnings that side effects include impulses for homicide and suicide! We believe these drugs are the number-one cause of mass shootings.] -GEG

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Jeff calls the politicians, developers, and non-profit agencies that flourish in this racket “poverty pimps,” because homeless people are a commodity – something you use to make money. He says the LA Police Department is also in on the scam. They have a $2-billion budget that would go away if the crime rate dropped.


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Politicians Attempt to Use Mass Shootings to Win Votes While Ignoring Deeper Issues | WeAreChangeTV.US

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Tom Ball
Tom Ball

Would it be so hard for agents working for the forces who seek to disarm private citizens to find a few sick , unstable , or driven individuals to encourage, or set them up to take the fall? I am reminded of the statement that Lee Harvey Oswald made when he was arrested to the effect that he “was a patsy” The evidence says that he was telling the truth. And just as few people who have studied the Kennedy assassination believe in the “lone gunman” theory presented by the Warren Report, fewer should believe in the CONSPIRACY THEORY presented… Read more »