Woman in Gorilla Mask Throws Egg at California Governor Candidate Larry Elder

Larry Elder, Youtube
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A white woman wearing a pink gorilla mask threw an egg at California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, a black man, as he toured a Venice homeless encampment. Mr. Elder said he did not know if the attack was due to racism or mental illness, but it did show a double standard because, if a black Democrat had been attacked, the media would have given it non-stop coverage. Elder said that the individual who threw the egg (and missed) could have been an “outside agitator,” because “homeless people in the neighborhood” had never seen her before. Elder says he will repeal mask and vaccine mandates imposed by Newsom on state workers and health-care workers. He supports charter schools and school vouchers. He is against open borders and opposes California’s stringent environmental policies that implement the UN’s Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development blueprint for eliminating private property. -GEG

UPDATE:  The LA Times is finally covering this story, but the headline reads, “LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment,” which is misleading because he was attacked and was the victim. The paper ran the headline with a photo of Elder with his hand on a woman’s face to imply that he slapped her. The redhead woman in the photo, Soledad Ursua, was outraged at the LA Times and asked if the paper was covering for a racist, referring to the woman in the gorilla mask who threw the egg.

FIRST ON FOX: California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder said “racial epithets” were yelled at him while he was being egged by a person in a gorilla mask and called out the deafening silence from liberals.

The Republican candidate told Fox News in a phone interview that the racist phrases were screamed at him during the attack, in which a White woman wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at him.

“One person said to the effect of, ‘Larry Elder doesn’t give a blank about Black people; Larry Elder only cares about White people,’” Elder said. “I will tell you: 6.5% of the population of California is Black, but according to a [Department of Housing and Urban Development] study, 40% of the homeless population is Black.”

“So if ‘Larry Elder doesn’t give a blank about Black people,’ why is Larry Elder trying to solve the homeless problem which is disproportionately affecting Black people?” Elder continued.

When asked if he believed the attack was racist, Elder said he does not “know” whether the attack was racially motivated or if the person was just “mentally ill and might need treatment.”

Elder also said it was “hard to say” whether the attack was politically motivated but thinks that, if he were a liberal, the left would be “screaming about systemic racism.”

“I’m not somebody who pulls out the race card the way Barack Obama does, the way Al Sharpton does, the way CNN does, the way Black Lives Matter does,” the Republican candidate said. “Maybe it was just an idiot. Maybe it was just a fool. Maybe it was just someone who doesn’t like Larry Elder.”

“All I know is: if I were a liberal and somebody wearing a gorilla mask who was a White woman threw an egg at me, the left would be screaming about systemic racism,” he continued.

Elder said that it seemed to him that the attack “must have been premeditated” and that, if he were a Democrat, the attack would be garnering much more press attention.

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