Big Pharma Has Sold 76-Billion Opium Pills in the US, and the Drug Flood Continues

Drug manufacturers and pharmacies fueled America’s opioid drug addiction problem by convincing doctors to prescribe 76-billion pain pills over the last eight years. Paul Ferrell, an attorney who is suing opioid manufacturers, says the national Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) database tracked hundreds of millions of these transactions. Tucker Carlson says that Libertarians who blame addiction on the demand for recreational drugs are wrong because, when communities are flooded with prescription drugs, like opioids, it causes addiction. -GEG


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Big Pharma Has Sold 76-Billion Opium Pills in the US, and the Drug Flood Continues | WeAreChangeTV.US
1 year ago

[…] 13, 2019 Fox No Comments This post was originally published on this […]

1 year ago

Nobody was given “opium pills” – these are patented, synthetic analogs. If people were allowed to smoke actual opium (as they are in some other countries), there would be no accidental overdoses. I do oppose the unlawful monopoly on pain medication which has been granted to corporate cartels by America’s politicians. I also oppose the DEA’s tracking of prescriptions (which violates your fourth amendment right to medical privacy.) You should also bear in mind that you are one accident away from being a chronic pain patient who cannot obtain relief because of America’s fascist drug policy. That word is often… Read more »