News Documentary Compares Homeless Policies in 3 Cities: Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles

KOMO News produced the documentary ‘Seattle Is Dying’ that showed how homeless people in Seattle are suffering from drug addiction problems, compounded by criminal justice policies that tolerate repeat offenders. Seattle’s mayor appointed a team to manage the city’s networks of shelters and mental-health services, but the condition continues to worsen. [This documentary is worth watching because, unless you personally have visited these disaster zones, you cannot imagine how bad they are and how fast they are growing. However, you will not find a realistic solution in this documentary. The undertone of the narrative is that the government must do more to help these poor people. The producers missed the point that the more government does to “help” people, the more they become dependent on that help, and the larger the welfare bureaucracy will grow.

Welfare agencies would go out of business if they ever eliminated the demand for welfare, so they have an incentive to allow or even encourage social problems to grow, because that justifies bigger budgets for them each year. The only solution is to rigidly enforce laws that protect everyone from crime and disease to stop the problem. The harsh consequence of such a policy would be that these poor souls would be forced to break their addictions or die. As horrible as that would be, it would be far better than allowing the current trend to continue, which will cause far more people to suffer and die. Except for enforcement of laws to protect life and liberty, the government should be prohibited from doing anything else – and certainly prohibited from allegedly ‘helping’ anyone. That’s not the proper function of the state and it always leads to failure – and tyranny. Helping those in need must be done by individuals and private charitable organizations, which, in the end, will help more people and do it for less money than by government agencies.] -GEG

Seattle Is Dying documentary:

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6 months ago

Thank you, G. Edward for laying it all out as it really is. Maybe a snow flake or two will see it and get a light bulb over their head! signed: Long time viewer!

Joe Tittiger
Joe Tittiger
6 months ago

Everyone always seems to miss the most crucial point:
That it is lack of freedom (such as the theft of the income tax or say building codes) that create a lot of the homeless problems to start with.

Joe Tittiger
Joe Tittiger
6 months ago

Government staying out of the way and doing nothing as the story suggests also means not regulating and not taxing for the most part as those are major drivers of homelessness. Drug are NOT the driver they are the result of people losing hope.

6 months ago

What kind of journalist compares only three liberal cesspool cities with more or less equivalent homeless disasters, and doesn’t bother to include even one solid conservative area that hasn’t let homelessness turn into a problem? It’s almost as if they don’t actually want to publicize a strategy that works.