Democrats Condemn the 2020 Census Citizenship Question

Caravan of immigrants traveling to US border, Youtube
Last month, the US Supreme Court blocked the 2020 census citizenship question, which would uncover how many illegal aliens reside in the US. The Court then sent the case down to a lower court. Democrats want the public record to show that only 11-million illegal aliens reside in the US, but a recent MIT study showed that there may be as many as 22-million or more. Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, says that Democrat policies are not popular the native population so they are counting more and more on illegal residents in the US. He suggests that Democrats realize this is a huge population that can become a large voting block. In California, 27% of residents are not native-born. American middle class voters literally are no longer represented in politics. –GEG

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Democrats Condemn the 2020 Census Citizenship Question | WeAreChangeTV.US
1 year ago

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Bill Goode
Bill Goode
1 year ago

I don’t understand what all the excitement is over this citizenship question. If one doesn’t want to answer the question, one can simply ignore it and move on. People have been doing that for decades on unconstitutional census form questions. Like how many toilets are in your house? Just ignore the question and move on.

Can you imagine how many people are going to ignore the question? Does anyone seriously believe the Feds are going to come after millions of people who ignore such unconstitutional questions on the census form?

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
11 months ago

There isn’t anything unConstitutional about the citizenship question. It is part of counting the population. Just as the count can be divided into male and female, adult and children, it can be divided into citizen and non-citizen. And there isn’t any followup question touching on status, so no illegal immigrant need be nervous about the original question. The only way for government to estimate the number of illegal immigrants is to take the number of visa holders, subtract it from the total number of non-citizens and what is left is a close estimate of the number of illegal immigrants. The… Read more »