Canada: Christian Activist Ordered to Pay $55,000 to Transgender ‘Woman’ Activist in Precedent-Setting Case

Morgane Oger, Youtube
Canada: The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ordered Christian activist, William Whatcott, to pay a fine of $55,000 to Morgane Oger, a male who transitioned into a woman and then was defeated in a local election. Whatcott’s flyers, distributed in Oger’s voting district, characterized the candidate as a “biological male” who was promoting “homosexuality and transvestism.” The flyer also advocated rejecting Oger in favor of “God’s definition of gender and marriage.” Oger claimed that the flyer was intended to provoke hatred. Whatcott said his flyers were an act of religious expression. Whatcott had distributed flyers in a previous case, and they were ruled by the Supreme Court of Canada to be hateful. Whatcott says he will continue to distribute flyers and that he has no intention of paying the fines ordered by the tribunal because he doesn’t doesn’t have the money and because he wouldn’t do so even if he had it.

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ordered Christian activist William Whatcott to pay $55,000 to trans activist Morgane Oger.

Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau said $35,000 was compensation for a hate-filled flyer that Whatcott published when Oger was running for provincial office in 2017, and $20,000 was to punish Whatcott for improper conduct during the five-day hearing in December.

According to the tribunal ruling, Whatcott printed 1,500 of the flyers and distributed them in the Vancouver-False Creek riding that Oger was contesting as an NDP candidate. The flyer had a photo of Oger, described her as a “biological male” and claimed she was promoting “homosexuality and transvestism.” It went on to state transsexuals were prone to sexually transmitted diseases and at risk of domestic violence, alcohol abuse and suicide.

The flyer concluded, “Thankfully Jesus Christ paid the price for your sin. You can turn to the merciful Christ and ask for forgiveness and when the NDP come knocking at your door you can tell them, you wont vote for them because you believe in God’s definition of gender and marriage.”

Oger, who lost the election by 400 votes, took the matter to the tribunal, claiming her human rights had been breached because the flyer was intended to discriminate and expose Oger to hatred. Whatcott claimed what he wrote in the flyer was an act of religious expression.

In the ruling, Cousineau described a five-day hearing during which Whatcott was wearing a white T-shirt with Oger’s face on it, and derogatory statements written underneath.

“In the hearing room for this complaint, we were witness to repeated, deliberate and flagrant attacks on Ms. Oger based on nothing more than a belief that her very existence is an affront,” Cousineau wrote, adding Whatcott continued to call Oger “he” and “mr” during the course of the hearing, despite being told not to.

Whatcott told the hearing that he produced the flyer after praying to God to ask how he could help in the election.

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MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
1 year ago

I WONDER…. ‘natural’ used to be a selling point in medical circles.. but somehow your natural gender has become a hate crime, and among the creatures of the natural environment, the existence of certain industrial/medical chemicals is knowably causing gender mess-ups, so where exactly do we lay the blame for the idiots in Canada’s court system…

especially when precisely the medical purveyors are reaping big ‘service’ fees to further distort the gender of affected people, that, in the old-fashioned enviro world, would have been called ‘damaged’ back when natural was a good word… ttyl

Robert H. Burt
Robert H. Burt
1 year ago

A man has the right to do what he wants with his own body, and other people have the right to say what they think of it.

Personally I cannot support cutting up boys to make them into girls.