Global-Warming Expert Says the Number of People Dying from Weather-Related Disasters Has Fallen by 95%

Economist Bjorn Lomborg, Wiki
Bjorn Lomborg, an economist who served as director of the Danish government’s Environmental Assessment Institute, thinks that global warming is a problem, but says the number of people dying from weather-related disasters has dropped by 95% over the past century. Despite claims by weather alarmists that there will be mass death within 12 years unless the Green New Deal is implemented, the fact is that only 20,000 people die every year from bad weather out of the worldwide population of 7.7 billion – and these deaths have nothing to do with so-called warming. Poverty causes far more death than weather. Free enterprise, technology, and opportunity will raise people who are poverty-stricken to a higher standard of living, but penalizing carbon emissions will produce just the opposie effect, which meas it will increase unnatural death rates. -GEG

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