What Good Is A Wall? Trump Signed a Bill to Increase Immigration and Make It Impossible to deport Illegal Aliens

Commentator Gary Gileno reports that President Trump signed a spending bill that includes measures that makes it impossible to deport illegal aliens who have relatives, sponsors, or even fiends of unaccompanied alien children, which is chain migration on steroids. The new law forces ICE agents to release border crossers into the interior of the country, making it essentially impossible to ever deport them. Illegal aliens now will flood into America in greater numbers than ever before. Mr. Trump could have vetoed the measure and led opposition to it. He did neither. –GEG

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Assidiously Pecunius
Assidiously Pecunius
2 years ago

How bad does it have to get before our people wake up and realize that he is our enemy?

Dave Sharpe
Dave Sharpe
2 years ago

That is the interpretation of the author, “may lead to”, really?? What, you dont think President Trump has enough detractors shooting at him from the sidelines? How about you do as Teddy Roosevelt said, “Get in the arena”, be the man everyone else shoots at & complains about because they know whats best, your not doing it correctly. It is the outcome of the battle not the road you take to get into the fight ! I figure President Trump has more information than I do and I voted for him to lead, right or wrong, until someone else steps… Read more »

2 years ago

“SPONSOR” that is the MOAB in this bill if not provided It means whoever claims sponsorship must house feed and provide medical care,absolutely all life necessities to the “sponsored” illegal immigrants at the SPONSOR’S cost not the tax payer
When any of these needs cannot be financed by the sponsor deportation begins immediately.Its a Federal Bill so no state illegal immigration sanctuaries can over ride it. At least they shouldn’t be lawful in doing so.