Trump Breaks Campaign Promise on Immigration, Promises to Pass Any DACA Bill Drafted by Those Who Opposed His Campaign

January 11, 2018 Fox News 0

DACA allows 700,000 people to stay in the US who were brought in illegally when they were children. Trump now says he will accept any bill that Congress presents to him, which is a total abandonment of his promises to end DACA, stop chain migration, and build the wall. [Those who voted for him because of these promises have been betrayed again.]


Why Is Trump Now Supporting DACA, and Why Haven’t Republicans Funded the Wall?

January 10, 2018 Fox News 4

Tucker Carlson says the immigration policy of lawmakers over the past 30 years has been to grant amnesty to illegal aliens while promising future border controls that never materialize, and he says that policy continues today. President Trump won the election by promising to reform immigration, but now he is pushing DACA, and Republican lawmakers are supporting the same bad deals of the past.


Another Terror Attack on New York by a ‘Chain-Migration’ Green-Card Holder

December 13, 2017 Breitbart 1

A Bangladesh-born Muslim man, Akayed Ullah, was arrested for trying to bomb the New York Port Authority building, but the device strapped to his body exploded prematurely and only injured him. There was panic in the tunnel, and three other people were injured. Ullah told authorities “They’ve been bombing in my country, and I wanted to do damage here.” Ullah entered the US in 2011 as a foreign relative in the chain-migration program. Chain migration allows new immigrants to the U.S. to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives with them.