NeoCon Warmongers Flip Their Lids over President Trump’s Decision to Remove US Troops from Syria

Neocon Senators John McCain, Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham. Wiki
Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams congratulated President Trump on his announcement that he is pulling the US out of Syria. Syria, Iran, and Russia are the local enemies of ISIS and will keep ISIS out of Syria much better than the US could, especially since the US has a long record of actually funding and arming ISIS. In truth, ISIS was a tool of US policy to overthrow Syrian President Assad. Neocons, who include Senators Linsday Graham, Marco Rubio, and Tom Cotton, want to continue US participation in the war because it benefits their donors in the military-industrial complex. Leftist Senator Ted Leiu, who opposes Trump on most issues, supports him in leaving Syria and is asking his liberal supporters to do the same. -GEG

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