Why Did Trump Announce That ISIS Is Defeated When It Has 30,000 Fighters And Is Growing?

Map of Syria shows 30% of Syria in the northeast that is controlled by the US. Youtube
Jake Morphonios challenges Trump supporters to look coldly and objectively at President Trumps decision to withdraw US troops from Syria based on the claim that ISIS, with 30,000 armed fighters in Syria and Iraq, is defeated. Knowing that this challenge will trigger the anger of many, he asks viewers to withhold judgment until after he presents reasons for his own belief that the President is acting to keep control of Syrian oil fields in the hands of the Kurds, who now are acting as the US proxy in that region. There is too much to this story to summarize, so our recommendation is to set aside 35 minutes and listen carefully to what Morphonios has to say – and judge for yourself. The significance of this issue is, as Trump, himself, would say, is HUGE. -GEG

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Robert James
Robert James

Let’s get all our men home! We need 8th Army guarding our border, not Korea’s. We’re spending Billions posting our military all over the world for the globalist agenda. Bring them all home!


What Trumpee meant is that CIA created, nurtured and funding them; therefore, Trumpee owns them in a sense.

MJ Raichyk
MJ Raichyk

Blackstone is really desperate to gore Trump, but his own data show that Trump IS HONEST and INGENIOUS… he not only has a solid fighting force [now with more tech as well] in control of territory we were using for our own purposes — namely the kurds — but he has chosen to keep his promises and make americans’ interests first and our troops elsewhere more sanely occupied. And you are unable to see how Russia is our best resource in both NK and the middle east PLUS he has smacked down the DC Elite that he, by now, has… Read more »