Charlottesville: James Fields, 21, Found Guilty of Premeditated First Degree Murder, Sentenced to 419 Years in Prison

James Fields' car is struck by leftist before he crashed into the crowd. Youtube
The jury in the case against James Fields found him ‘guilty’ of premeditated first-degree murder and recommended a life sentence plus 419 years. -GEG

By JW Williams
Charlottesville, Virginia: James Alex Fields, 21, was convicted of killing a woman and injuring dozens when he drove his car into counter protesters at a white-nationalist rally. The jury recommended a sentence of life in prison for the charge of premeditated first-degree murder plus 419 years for the other charges.
A psychologist testifying for the defense said Fields has a history of mental health issues, including bipolar disorder. He is eligible for the death penalty if convicted of federal hate-crime charges. That trial has not yet been scheduled.
The prosecution argued that the crash was premeditated because Fields had posted a meme on social media of protesters blocking traffic being run over by a car. Before the rally, his mother told him to be careful, and he responded by writing, “We’re not the ones who need to be careful”.  A record of conversations with his mother also revealed that he denigrated the victim, Heather Heyer.
There is little reason to feel that Fields is unjustly accused, but it should be noted for the record that numerous things happened to him that, considering his mental instability, likely helped to push him over the edge. The following facts are seldom mentioned in the press:
•  Earlier in the day, James Fields had urine thrown at him by Antifa demonstrators.
•  Dwayne Dixon said that he “chased” fields with his AR-15 rifle.
•  Fields’ car was attacked from behind and on the passenger side just before he struck the crowd.

•  Before being chased and attacked by Antifa, Fields ‘Googled’ directions to leave the area, indicating he intended to go home.
•  After the crash, Fields said, “I’m really sorry” to a detective, who then asked what he was apologizing for. “I’m really sorry that, I don’t know. I didn’t want to hurt people, but I thought they were attacking me.”






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