Portland: Angry Leftists Took Over an Intersection and Attacked an Elderly Gentleman’s Car as He Tried to Escape the Crowd of Protesters

Portland, Oregon was the scene of another leftist protest that resulted in violence and property damage as a man slowly drove through the crowd, trying to escape as they clubbed his car.  The protest was against the police department that reportedly shot a black man, Patrick Kimmons, who had allegedly been involved in a shootout involving at least two other men.

Update:  Portland police  are calling for the protesters who blocked a man driving the silver Lexus to come forward and press charges against him despite the fact that the demonstrators were illegally occupying the intersection and jumped in front of his car, later attacking the vehicle.  The entire incident took place literally one block away from police central precinct headquarters, and not a single uniformed officer was dispatched to quell the unruly mob.


Summary by JW Williams
Portland: An elderly gentleman driving a Lexus tried to escape from protesters blocking the road and slowly drove through the crowd as they attacked his car, shattering windows  and causing $3,000 in damage.  An Antifa group identified as ‘Portland Resistance’ used the man’s license plate to identify and dox him, posting his home address on the internet.  News outlets that favor the left claimed the man “plowed” through the crowd.  The police monitored the crowd but did not take any action.
Activists were also filmed shouting ‘white supremacist’ and ‘whitey’ at one driver, before they attacked the car of the man trying to escape.
The crowd, organized by Don’t Shoot Portland, a group similar to Black Lives Matter, was protesting against the Portland Police Department as Patrick Kimmons, 27, a black man, was reportedly shot and killed by police officers on September 30th.  His family claims he was shot in the back and was running away from police.  The officers say they were responding to gunfire when they shot Kimmons, who they claim was armed.  Two other people, believed to be involved in the brawl before police arrived, received medical care in a hospital for gunshot wounds.  Kimmons has a police record, and the mother of two of his children said that he was involved in gangs.
Portland residents are furious that the protesters took over an intersection and abused drivers while directing traffic and they are blaming Mayor Ted Wheeler for for allowing anarchy on the streets.








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Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas
1 year ago

Citizens of Portland – refuse to pay your property tax until this pig mayor is removed from office.

The Daily Gouge Archive, Friday, October 12th, 2018
1 year ago

[…] Portland: Angry Leftists Took Over an Intersection and Attacked an Elderly Gentleman’s Car as He T… […]