Accused 2017 Inauguration Antifa Rioters Get $1.6M Payout From DC Govt while Capitol Stormers Are Locked in DC Jails

Limo set on fire by rioters at Trump's 2017 inauguration, Youtube
Two lawsuits accusing DC Metropolitan Police Department of ‘excessive force’, after arresting 200 people during riots at Trump’s 2017 inauguration, settled for a total of $1.6 million to be awarded to accused Antifa members. Meanwhile, Trump supporters have been jailed, kept in solitary confinement and abused for as little as stepping foot inside the Capitol on January 6.

Though the Jan 6 Capitol protesters are being treated like terrorists, stripped of their rights, held in indefinite detention, locked in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and subject to torture and racial abuse at the hands of racist DC jail guards for as little as stepping foot in the Capitol building, the accused 2017 inauguration antifa rioters are being handed $1.6 million by the DC government for police allegedly using “excessive force.”

D.C. will pay $1.6 million to settle two lawsuits filed against the city for false arrests and excessive force during demonstrations on Inauguration Day in 2017.
The lawsuits — one filed by the ACLU of D.C. and a class action suit by civil rights attorney Jeffrey Light — charge that D.C. police violated the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, in addition to D.C. law, when they arrested more than 200 people without probable cause during protests against former president Donald Trump’s inauguration.
The suits also alleged unlawful conditions of confinement for those arrests, and excessive use of force by Metropolitan Police Department officers.
The $1.6 million is a combined payment from the city in both suits; the case brought by the ACLU of D.C. settled for $605,000 while the class-action lawsuit, which is still subject to final approval by a court, is set to settle for $995,000, according to a statement from the D.C. ACLU.

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2 months ago

There is no justice system in the United States, only a retribution system that favors the far left.

2 months ago
Reply to  LDS

The justice system has been corrupt for decades.. It’s just now coming to a head and we’re witnessing just how corrupt they really are, sadly..

2 months ago

Somehow. some way the ( D ) communists must be eradicated from USA soil.