California: Progressive Laws and Policies Encourage More Crime and Homelessness

As California’s economy continues to devolve, crime is rising. Inside Edition went to San Francisco to investigate the increase in car break-ins and, not only did robbers steal the ‘theft bait’ from a car that was outfitted with cameras, but the video-crew truck was broken into and expensive gear was stolen. Joe Alioto, who is running for the office of District Attorney in San Francisco, says that car ‘smash and grabs’ are common, because thieves know they will not be prosecuted. Tourists are also targeted, because the robbers know that tourists will not stick around for prosecution. He reports that police-commission rules forbid police to chase thieves if they try to escape in a car. This, they say, is to cut down on high-speed chases and, therefore, is justified because it reduces accidents. -GEG

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