Film Clip from Banned Documentary Shows How the Attitudes of Americans Have Been Shaped by a Foreign Government

Jordan Schachtel, The Lobby - USA
The Lobby – USA is a banned undercover documentary from Al Jazeera, a media outlet based in Qatar. A leaked clip shows how Facebook is used to spread political propaganda and promote hidden agendas in a way that most viewers do not detect. Hidden-cameras catch Jordan Schachtel, who worked with a covert propaganda team under the name of TIP (The Israel Project) as he explains how the TIP operates. He says it works in the background feeding information to many different Facebook communities to tilt public opinion in favor of the policies of the Israeli government. He says that TIP even produces entire information campaigns that appear as though they originated from organizations unrelated to TIP. [The importance of this disclosure is not merely in discovering how the Israeli government uses social media platforms to engineer public opinion, but in the realization that social media is useful for that purpose on behalf of any government or corporation or wealthy individual that can afford to hire a team of professionals. In truth, the United States government and, in particular, the Pentagon, have been in the forefront of this activity for many decades. Lesson: Be aware that there are powerful forces using sophisticated techniques to engineer your opinions about issues that profoundly affect your future.] -GEG

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Graeme Howarth
Graeme Howarth

Al Jazeera and Qatar again? Qatar is (still) a major financier of Islamist initiatives, including the least effective, that if violent attacks. AJ is (still) a Muslim Brotherhood organ and was used to coordinate the so called “Arab Spring” which was nothing more than a Brotherhood mass coup attempt. As such AJ is not the best source for stories on Islam or Israel. I respectfully submit that “Need to Know news” really needs to know that America and Israel are not the only collections of people engaged in dubious activities and that not everything evil done by their enemies is… Read more »

Mack McDowell
Mack McDowell

The mossad created Hamas

zê maria
zê maria

This vídeo is complete fake news. I read above that it was published to show how other forces do to influence people. But IT IS NOT ISRAEL that does this. So, a lie like this should never, ever, be shown. We all know about society engeenerings, it is not necessary to show a slander against a people to make anybody to believe it. The ones who pay a little more attention realizes immeately who is performing the hidden influence, and, of course, we can see that it is not Israel.

Mack McDowell
Mack McDowell

Are you saying that The Israel Project doesn’t exist? Or that Jordan Schachtel doesn’t exist? What is fake about it?


To Graeme Howarth – The U.S. is a ZOG – a Zionist Occupied Government. Israel’s reputation continues to slide because people are learning the truth about it. While Hamas may have a charter pledging to wipe Israel off the map, it is actually Israel that is wiping Palestinians off the map!