National Mainstream Media Is Ignoring an Attack by A Somali Man in Rochester, Minnesota, in Which The Victim’s Eyes Were Gouged Out

Somali neighbor of accused attacker in Minnesota, Youtube

The mainstream media is ignoring a vicious attack in which Mahad Aziz, 18, is accused of using his bare hands to tear out the eyeballs of a 74-year old man, believed to be his relative. Neighbors, who are immigrants from Somalia, report that Aziz was likely mentally ill. The media has declined to disclose Mahad Aziz’s immigration status, or how he arrived in the US, or even whether he has a criminal history. [A gruesome attack of this kind normally would have been amply reported in mainstream media. The fact that the story was buried is, itself, a story just as disturbing as eye-gouging. The only conceivable reason the story would be ignored is that the attack was committed by a young man from the Somalian immigrant community, and mainstream media is committed to manipulating the news in such a way as to avoid creating public opposition to immigration from countries with cultural values that differ widely from traditional American values.] -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

Rochester, Minnesota: Mahad Aziz, 18, described as a “teen” instead of an adult by some news sources, is in a mental hospital following his arrest on accusations that he attacked a 74-year old man, believed to be a close relative. The elderly man suffered injuries that included the gouging and removal of both of his eyes during the beating and most of his teeth were knocked out. Aziz used his hands to tear out the victim’s eyes. The eyes are missing and, according to police, may have been eaten by Aziz or forced into the victim’s body. Police found Aziz straddling the victim, who was lying in a pool of blood at the scene.

Aziz was taken for a mental evaluation before being transported to jail on a charge of first-degree assault. He reportedly had to be taken back to a local hospital after trying to rip out his own eyes.

William Barnaba, a neighbor and friend of the victim, called attention to the fact that, in Somali culture, parents are not usually attacked. He went on to say, “in Africa, we don’t really put it in consideration that mental illness is a problem.” Another neighbor, Nasa Abdelrahman, said, “in our culture, if someone has a something like that and he needs help, their families hide it.”

No one has reported if Mahad Aziz has a prior criminal record or what his immigration status is or how he arrived in the US.



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