Berkeley City Council Votes to Outlaw Weapons at Street Events in Anticipation of a Anti-Marxist Rally this Weekend

Reiko from Revolution Books, Youtube

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood requested rules to outlaw tools of riot and weapons from street events as a rally against Marxism is planned for Sunday.  Reiko, a representative from Revolution Books, spoke against the ordinance and explained that she and her associates were promoting what she called the “new communism”. She was an example of exactly what the rally intends to protest. It was clear, therefore, that she and her ‘new communism’ friends were unhappy about not being able to bring weapons to the rally. Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who has authority over the police, is publicly in favor of the ordinance following the adverse publicity he received for giving law enforcement stand-down orders during a previous confrontation.  He also supported BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) on Facebook.  Council member, Cheryl Davila, spoke in favor of allowing weapons and defended the concept of violence by saying that, when Antifa attacked demonstrators and bystanders last year, they actually were protecting citizens from ‘white supremacists’. She was out-voted, however, and the ordinance was sustained. -GEG




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