California City Learns That Diversity Created Fertile Ground for Mexican Mafia


Gary Gileno examines two articles in local papers that show how ‘diversity’ has hurt Pomona, a sanctuary city in southern California where 72% of the population is Hispanic. 83% of the children do not speak English. Open-borders advocates claim that areas with high immigrant populations are safer that those with non-immigrants. Pomona, however, is listed as the second-most dangerous Southern-California city after dark.

The second article is about the Mexican Mafia, called the “Gang of Gangs” by the FBI, that rules from prison and controls street gangs, like those in Pomona. It also controls drug trafficking inside Los Angeles County prisons. These Mexican Mafia has become an established entity that now functions effectively as an illegal government.  [We do not agree with the reporter’s blanket description of the appearance of the city of Pomona. It is true that there are empty lots that once were bristling with businesses, and it also is true that gang violence now makes it unsafe especially at night, but it should be noted that there are parts of Pomona that are clean and well groomed.]

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2 years ago

DIVERSITY is a plastic link in a steel chain

Matthew C Adler
Matthew C Adler
1 year ago

“When will USA be rich again?”
“Get OFF my lawn!” – Closet Republicans