Criminal Justice Reform Has Strange Bedfellows

Van Jones and Jared Kushner, Youtube
President Trump has promised to sign a bill for prison reform to reduce mass incarceration that is supported by opposing groups including Libertarians, Republicans and Marxist George Soros, that aims to release dangerous criminals and bring about martial law.

By JW WIlliams

President Trump was lobbied by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Democrat Van Jones to support a bill for prison reform, which Trump promised to sign.  Remember that Kushner’s father went to prison for making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.  The House passed its version of the bill with overwhelming support, but it may meet resistance in the Senate.  The bill has attracted supporters from arch libertarians like Rand Paul and arch Marxist/Leninists like George Soros.
Under these circumstances, it is obvious that there are two aspects to the legislation. The aspect that appeals to the libertarians is that it would put an end to the criminalization of conduct, such as smoking pot, which is classified as a victimless crime, and, by so doing, allow hundreds of thousands of young people who are not real criminals to resume a normal life – and it would take a great financial pressure off of having to house and feed the world’s largest prison population.
The aspect that appeals to the Communist revolutionaries is that it also would release from prison hundreds of thousands of truly dangerous criminals, many of whom have been recruited by Communist groups for the purpose of escalating existing street violence to the level of civil warfare.  The goal is martial law – which, once established, will never go away.
Soros allies include Black Lives Matter, Bill Ayers, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton.  The Koch brothers are current sponsors, and while they may have funded some good free-market causes over the years, they are going down the wrong path on this issue.  Catholic Charities USA also endorsed justice reform.  There is wide Republican support for prison reform.
Reporter David Knight points out that the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ requires harsh sentences with mandatory minimum sentencing. The system does need to be reformed, but the proposed changes will only make matters worse.
One of the proposed reforms is bail ‘reform’, which is a very bad idea because it is a pre-trial release system that immediately puts criminals back on the streets. No-cash bail means that those who are accused may leave court without putting up any collateral to guarantee that they will return to answer the charges against them.
Author Colin Flaherty says that only 5% to 10% of cases go to trial and most sentencing is done by making deals and the individual is sentenced for only a drug charge, but there are often other related charges that could include violence, and prior criminal violations (he presented two real world examples here).
Researcher Tina Trent said, “There is no big public groundswell of support for releasing recidivist criminals back onto the streets. The urgency around this issue has been almost entirely manufactured by paid activists in the leftist and libertarian camps—aided by the media, of course. This is why they’re being so intentionally secretive about the process and the people who would be released and how the releases would be implemented. It’s also why they’re not making it easy, or even possible, to see state-by-state information about the specific inmates who would be released, nor can the public view the full criminal arrest and conviction records for these inmates.”
In tandem with his support for prison reform, George Soros aims to change how criminals are charged by replacing traditional District Attorneys in 2,400 local districts that hold elections for the top prosecutors.  District Attorneys currently run unopposed 85% of the time and are tougher on crime than Soros-backed leftist reformers who receive covert funding from the billionaire for their campaigns.  Some of the reforms include early release, end money bail and stop anti-immigrant prosecutions.
Investigative journalist, Lee Stranahan, explains that Communists don’t want prison reform but want to abolish prison and free all prisoners – at least for now. The whole truth is that , if they ever do capture the government, then the prisons will return with a vengeance, filled with people who oppose Communism. Angela Davis, one of the Communist supporters of this so-called reform bill, admires Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese Communist leader who slaughtered millions. It was Ho Chi Minh who said, “When the prison doors open, the real dragon will appear.”






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