The Truth About the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Last week, Trump announced he would pull US troops out of Syria, but the Pentagon prevailed against him. The Syrian Army and Russia were on the verge of defeating ISIS and jihadist rebels in the town of Douma when they were blamed for carrying out a chemical attack that brought global condemnation, and invites US airstrikes. The evidence of the attack is unverified footage from the White Helmets, who have direct links to the jihadist group whom this attack benefits. ISIS has used chemical weapons in the past at least 52 times. General Mattis recently admitted that there was zero evidence implicating Syria in the chemical weapons attack last year that led to Trump retaliating with airstrikes.

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terry shead
terry shead

This is bullsh–, we in the uk are being fed the same bullsh– on chemical attacks, these idiots or should I say the deep state want a war, to cover up there petrodollar and the collapse of the Weston countries, in the uk we have a national debt of £2000000000000 when you look at it like that, you ask yourself what the flip is going on. Israel uses you Americans, can’t you see that.


Blaming one nation/race is so far from truth am stunned this thought pattern still lives. As for centuries the actual culprit is well defined here