NAFTA Destroyed US & Mexican Economies, Is Responsible for Mass Immigration

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Jake Morphonios explains how free trade treaties such as NAFTA destroyed not only the American economy by shipping manufacturing jobs overseas, but ruined Mexico’s agricultural industry, too.  As a result, mass migration from Mexico to the US began after NAFTA was implemented.  Free trade treaties create monopolies and the winners are the heads of corporations and central bankers.

Summary by JW Williams

Jake Morphonios gives an excellent presentation on how so-called free trade agreements gutted manufacturing in America almost overnight, as jobs were transferred overseas. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was brought in by New World Order puppet George Bush Sr. in the 1990s, and implemented by Bill Clinton. Prior to this, America enjoyed a trade surplus, as other nations were buying more US products than we bought from them, which solidified the American middle class.

Trade imbalances are bad for countries on the losing side because that means their money is going into a foreign economy. NAFTA, a globalist scheme, created massive trade imbalances that hurt the US, yet the US government incentivizes it. Free trade agreements take the power out of the hands of the people and funnels it up to the sociopaths at the top of the pyramid.

While the American middle class is shrinking, the lower class is expanding- half of Americans are using some form of government assistance. While leftists promote socialism as the cure, Republicans defend corrupt corporations. Neither party is pursuing a free market solution based on ethics.

NAFTA has not only killed jobs in the US, but it has also decimated Mexico’s agricultural economy. For example, NAFTA allowed multi-national corporations to dump huge amounts of corn grown in the US into the Mexican market at below-market prices, undercutting Mexican farmers. It is more expensive to grow corn in the US, so American taxpayers were forced to subsidize the corporations who blew out the Mexican market. As a result, Mexican farmers lost their jobs and and immigrated in large numbers to the US. Mexican immigrants provide a cheap labor pool, and are pushing American workers out of the market.

Over 2 million Mexicans farmers were put out of work, which led to 500,000 low skilled workers immigrating to the US every year since NAFTA was enacted. Mass unemployment in Mexico caused poverty to skyrocket, which led to a huge spike in organized crime. Cartel crime, human trafficking and the drug industry all started with NAFTA.

The same tactic is being used against the US, which is being plundered by China as the free trade agreements have created a trade imbalance favoring China, which receives big breaks on shipping costs. The US is surviving only because there is cheap debt issued by the Federal Reserve.

US investors and corporate officers are making a killing, but average middle class Americans are being killed. Jake says that Trump is wrong to renegotiate NAFTA, and that the proper solution is to withdraw from the treaty. The problem is not capitalism, but rather laws that create monopolies.


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NAFTA Destroyed US & Mexican Economies, Is Responsible for Mass Immigration - Easton Spectator
3 years ago

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Karl McGaugh
Karl McGaugh
3 years ago

It’s even worse! Migrant workers, legal or illegal, send half of their income back to Mexico to provide for their family and themselves in the winter. That cheap labor takes Americans jobs but also deprives our economy of the commerce that money would normally create.