School-Safety Administrator Discusses Disturbing Evidence in Parkland School Shooting

Wolfgang Halbig, Youtube
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Wolfgang Halbig, a retired Florida State school administrator and safety expert who researched the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 and concluded it was a “contrived event”, now turns his investigative skills to the shooting at Parkland high school. Halbig wrote the school safety plan for the Douglas high school in 2006, and says that the Parkland shooting follows the same script as the Sandy Hook event: There were no trauma helicopters called in, paramedics were not allowed into the school, and it is unknown who declared the victims dead.

Halbig discusses in great detail numerous examples of how school administrators and police violated well known safety protocols, the effect of which was to put children and teachers into high risk of being killed – all in violation of established safety protocols.

This interview includes a TV clip of a teacher saying that she clearly saw the shooter in the corridor outside her classroom. He was dressed in full body armor with helmet and mask, exactly like a swat-team member. She thought it was a police officer. it was not Nicholas Cruz, the student that police say has confessed to the shooing. The school has refused to release surveilance video of the corridor. -GEG

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Nathan Talks To Wolfgang: Parkland Shooting |
3 years ago

[…] School-Safety Administrator Discusses Disturbing Evidence in Parkland School Shooting… […]

3 years ago

Put Nicholas Cruz under hypnosis and see how the interview goes. It might show up much more than we might expect. It is imperative to get to the root as to who is behind all of these drills/live events. These persons are the epitome of evil and they must be stopped and prosecuted and their accomplices as well.

3 years ago

Thank you for looking further into these evil events…I’m in your camp that these are experiments of mind control using mentally ill persons to do what they command them to do…which leaves no proof of who is the guilty, evil party. I add to these two school events, the shooting in Las Vegas..again witnesses say there was more than one shooter. Too much that does not add up…Thank you for your expertise to get to the bottom of all this. We, Americans are sick to death that our worst enemy is the government and the powers behind the government.